80+ Cool Taglines For An Ice Cream Shop

We have come up with some of the best ice cream taglines and give examples of catchy and cool taglines for an ice cream shop.

But before we get to it, what is ice cream?

Everything has an origin, even ice cream. Here are some fun facts about the genesis of ice cream.  

A brief history of ice cream…


Ice cream is a delicacy made from cream and frozen water and sometimes blended with fruits or other components. For it to be creamy, the manufacturers use advanced technology to conduct freezing procedures and transform ice into a smooth, creamy treat.

The history of ice cream stretches throughout the globe. In India, this dessert is called Kulfi, while in Italy, gelato, and Japan, they call it mochi, and in America, ice cream. Every country has its spin on this confectionery to add its originality and culture.

In biblical times, the bible says King Solomon drank ice drinks during harvest times. Then there was Alexander the Great, who took the indulgence to the next level when he flavored his iced drinks with honey or wine. 

Then came the art of preserving ice in pits covered with straw during Nero’s reign from 54 to 68 BC. The king’s workers would harvest ice from the mountain and carry it to the DIY ‘refrigerators,’ They carried on this practice for generations to come.

The Arabs, in the Medieval times, drank the Sharabt, which they flavored with Cherry, pomegranate, or quince. Others, like the European aristocrats, Italians, and even the French, adopted this style of making iced drinks. 

Notice that iced drinks were for those of high-class social status. What a shame!

So how was the cream introduced to the ice cream?

The emperors of the Tang Dynasty were the first to have eaten a frozen milk-like confection (618 to 907 AD). First, they heated goat, cow, or buffalo milk with flour and enhanced its flavor. They then placed the mixture into metal tubs and lowered it into an ice pool until frozen.

The Indians made their Kulfi the same way. As time went by, Antonio Latini (1642-1692), who was working for the Spanish Viceroy in Naples then, crafted a milk-based Sorbetto recipe, which most culinary historians considered the first official ice cream. So we, the current 21st generation, thank Antonio Latini for his genius!

What are some catchy slogans for ice cream? 


You can use Icecream slogans to show off your creativity and flavor innovations. 

Your competitors can replicate your technology, features, designs, and flavors, but they cannot replicate your slogan, especially if trademarked. 

We have developed some catchy slogans you can use for your Ice cream marketing. Be it trying to drive up interest on social media or build a local market niche, these slogans will help.

Creamy ice, so nice!

Whoop a scoop

I scream for ice cream

Your creamy delight

Melt your cares with ice cream

The crème of Ice Cream

A scoop of pleasure

Treat your buds to some ice cream fad

The guiltless guilty pleasure

The best ice cream since 2000

The dreamy creamy ice cream

A tasty affair with [brand name] ice cream

You will love [brand name] ice cream

Your ice cream of choice

You can never go wrong with [brand name] ice cream

Your utmost creamy treat

The scoop that never fools

The flavorful ice cream

Our variety of flavors never disappoint

Ice cream the way you like it

Flavor up your day with [ice cream name] ice cream 

Your ultimate creamy treat

Missing someone? try ice cream

Looking for something different? Try us

The ice cream that never disappoints

A delicious creamy dream

Too good; you can’t resist

Deliciousness in the creamy dessert

The ice cream that makes you level up

Ice cream for adults, especially kids

Feeling lost? the ice cream way is the way to take

Cannot have enough of [ice cream name] ice cream

My ice cream my delight

The exotic ice cream taste

What is at the bottom of the ice cream cup?

Spice up your dessert with [ice cream name] ice cream

Ice cream for a moment keeps the craving away

Flavor up your day with our ice cream

Flavor after flavor only in [ice cream name] ice cream

Chill and have some ice cream

Never too early for ice cream

Ice cream? Yes, please

Ice cream .so good!

Sweet only gets sweeter

Ice cream is cheaper than stress therapy

Stressed out? Try ice cream

Ice cream, your luscious experience 

Just the way I love my ice cream

Your unbeatable ice cream

Bringing health in the ice cream!

Every kid’s dream

Your kid will want more

Adults love it, and kids scream for it

What are some of the Ice Cream Shop Captions

Your shop will require a caption that your clientele can easily associate with your brand. Here’s a list for you to help increase traffic to your ice cream shop.

Visit for some dreamy experience

Share a moment at [shop name] shop

The best ice cream shop since 1920

Cool the heat after a heavy meal

Treat your team to some ice cream

The ice cream experience shop

Shop an icy, creamy dream

Try us for some delectable flavors

An unforgettable experience

A scoop of happiness

Happiness with every lick of our ice cream

Find your favorite flavor here

Carefully selected ingredients for your ice cream

Scream for ice cream here 

One ice cream is never enough at this shop

We serve up happiness

The experience you will go away with

The ice cream that loves you back

Come one come all for your ice cream

Meet your craving at [shop name} shop

Your reliable ice cream shop

Your happiness, our ice cream

The coolest ice cream shop

Calm down; we got you

The best ice cream shop ever

Thinking ice cream, visit us

Ice cream that can only get better

One is never enough

The ice cream that takes you there

Treat yourself to some yummy ice cream

The best flavors in town

Pass the time wisely with ice cream

You can never go wrong with some chilled ice cream

Settle your taste buds with [ice cream name] ice cream

Flavor up your day with ice cream

Great times at [shop name] shop

Every moment is dreamy at [shop name] shop

You will come again

Guaranteed pleasure

The ultimate creamized ice

 Too good, so true

You will love it

Ice cream has never tasted this good

The coolest since the 90s

Meeting your ice cream urges since 1980

An unforgettable experience of flavors.

Best ice cream shop in town.

Best in the western hemisphere.

Better ingredients, better ice cream.

Better than ordinary flavors.

Can’t resist the taste!

Come, give in to your urge.

Cooling down summer.

Crave for more.

Craving for more

Creamy luscious.

Eat as much as you can.

Flavor favors.

Flavors can only get better.

Flavors galore!

For cravings that can’t wait.

Freshly made.

Get your old-time favorites now!

Gives you the flavors you’ve always loved.

Happiness personified.

Ice cream is just around the corner

It’s ice cream time!

It’s never too late for ice cream.

Can’t have enough of it.

Just right around the corner.

Life is better with an ice cream Shop

Satisfaction multiplied.

That exceptional flavor.

The coolest place around.

The happy ice cream shop

The only ice cream shop you’ll need to go

Time to please your cravings.

Why go anywhere else?

You can’t resist the temptation.

You’ll stay longer.

Your family ice cream shop.

Your flavorful ice cream shop

Your ice cream store around the corner

Your necessary ice cream experience!

Some of the most popular ice cream slogans that have stood the test of time can inspire you to craft your ice cream. These brands used their taglines to inspire a particular image in the eye of their audience. 


Every slogan conveys a specific idea in a memorable and catchy message. They include the following: 

“America’s favorite real ice cream.” – Twistee Treat ice cream shops

“Ben & Jerry’s. Vermont’s finest.” – Ben & Jerry’s

“Carvel. America’s freshest ice cream.” – Carvel ice cream stores

“Choose it. Mix it. Smash it. Love it.” – Cold Rock Ice Creamery chain of ice cream parlors in Australia

“Dippin’ Dots. Ice cream of the future.” – Dippin’ Dots ice cream stores

“Eat more dessert.” – TCBY

“Every spoonful brings you closer.” – Häagen-Dazs

“Enjoy the ride, love the ending.” – By Cornetto Ice Cream Cones.

“Fall deeply in Haagen Dazs.” – Häagen-Dazs

“Find happiness within.” – Marble Slab Creamery ice cream and dessert stores.

“Haagen Dazs. Made like no other.” – Häagen-Dazs

“Irresistible Graeter’s.” – Graeter’s ice cream shops

“Let your tongue travel.” – Häagen-Dazs

“Life is uncertain, eat dessert first.” – by Amy’s Ice Creams chain of ice cream shops.

“Menchie’s. What’s your mix?” – Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt shops

“More flavors. More fun.” – Baskin-Robbins

“Naturally, you’ll taste the difference.” – Oberweis ice cream and dairy stores.

“Now you know you’re home.” – Whitey’s Ice Cream

“Oberweis. Simply the best.” – Oberweis

“Originality in every scoop.” – Marble Slab Creamery

“Peace, love & ice cream.” – Ben & Jerry’s

“Remarkable Italian ice cream.” – Joe Delucci’s Gelato ice cream parlors in the UK

“Super Premium Handcrafted Ice Cream and Dessert.” – By the Comfy Cow

“The art of Swiss ice cream.” – Movenpick

“The best ice cream you’ll ever taste.” – Graeter’s ice cream shops

“The freshest ice cream on earth.” – Marble Slab Creamery

“The longer lasting pleasure.” – Häagen-Dazs

“The sweetness of everyday life.” – by Cold Stone Creamery

“Treat yourself.” – Bruster’s Ice Cream chain of ice cream parlors

“We make you smile.” – Menchie’s Frozen shops

“We’re creamy. We’re crunchy. We’re Carvel.” – Carvel ice cream stores

“Wendy’s, Wendy’s, yum!” – Wendy’s

“What’s your flavor?” – Baskin-Robbins


I believe that this compilation has inspired you to get your ice cream slogan and promote your business.

Many of these slogans are perfect for online marketing and social media drives. 

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