70+ Catchy Names for Virtual Meetings

In the age of technological upsurge, virtual meetings have become the convenience of our time. We no longer have to meet physically to get things moving. 

When you come to think of it, Virtual meetings were not so popular before the onset of the Corona pandemic. They were mostly for Cooperates and businesses that run globally. The Covid 19 global shutdown made us appreciate it.

But now not only Cooperates can operate their businesses globally at ease through Zoom or Google meet and Companies have employees working remotely from home but family and friends can meet virtually and have fun times.

Let’s say the company you work for tasks you with setting up a virtual meeting. That’s simple. Log in to your app and set the time, name, and login details. But it is not that simple. 

Why do I say so? Because you want to use a catch and creative name other than an old, boring one for your meeting.

Why do you need a catchy virtual meeting name? A catchy virtual meeting name will make your meeting easy to remember. The Agenda and meeting minutes can be called to mind easily because the snappy virtual meeting name triggers it

So what name will be easy to remember for a virtual meeting name? First, there are virtual meeting names that are trendy, which you could use. 

Alternatively, analyze the Agenda of the Meeting and the kind of feeling you intend to invoke in the attendees when they hear about the Virtual Meeting. An unforgettable virtual meeting name will make your meeting feel real.

A meeting name can also be called a tagline. A tagline is a phrase with few words that are straight to the point. Taglines help expound what the meeting is all about, making it memorable. 

They help in the organization of the meeting but are optional. 

We have listed several catchy virtual meeting names for your pick to make your work easier.

What do you name a virtual meeting?

Agenda Attack

Meeting of the minds

League of tasks

The virtual connection

Bonding session

Smart conference

The board of hosts

Story of Glory

The shine session

Tell your story

How it’s been

The festive zone

Influence the next 

The next greatness

Achievers’ Platform

The vibe time

Analysis of time

Attendees moment

Meet the need

Victory story

Ideation area

Minds room

The greatest options

Catch the zeal

Analysis room 

Zoom-in Session

Alliance of the accountants

All aboard

The exacting

Concept trail

Laugh out loud

Unleashing the potential

The league of accountants

Terminal meet

Plex meet-up

Elite thoughts 

The fighter corner

The first festival

Breaking from the norm

The mind exchange

Where you belong

The therapy session  

Lords of the zoom

Breaking bounds

Creatives at work

Bit by bit progress

Progress analysis

Forward only

Evaluation Committee

Commitment evaluation

Visionaries empire

Vision bearers 

Pacesetters hub

Millionaires in the making

Rendezvous network

The Virtuosi conference

Classic endings

The grinding room

Lovers of Nature

Goal achievers

The Sky reachers

Battalion of brains

Mother company conference meeting

Marketers recess

Instant reaction

Dare-to-dream team

The shifters of thoughts

Goal post shifters

The forum room

Quest for knowledge forum

Achievers forum

The forum of resilience

The forum font

Laugh it off

The humour corner

Attitude adjacent session

Filter the feelings

The good fighters forum

The go-getters

The Rib crackers and menders forum

Designers platform

The forgers of time

Excellent shapers

Destiny shapers

The offloading session

The professional’s hub

Stone Strong Meeting

The official meeting

The third conference 

External linking

Smarts conference

Brilliant conference

Professionals network

Professionals link

System Review session

The review team

We-go-big team

Internal linking 

Making it happen

The Important

Conversational Table

Ninjas’ digital meeting space 

The Fresh start Meeting Room

Astounding Plot

Exhibition Pro

Broom Closet Chat Room

Dynamic Meeting Space

The glad meeting room

Recourse meeting

Hope alive meeting

The online cast fortress

The potent virtual space

Breaking the barriers conference

Walking the talk congregation

Bosses zone

The halfway meeting point

Victorious cartel

Rigging the pound

Important celebration

Lets Exchange ideas

Judging jury

Key brothers

The office filing cabinet

Cool names for Virtual Meetings

The First league

Front Salvo

Teaming Territory

The jolly meeting

The Bright minds Thought

Rise-up Meeting Room

The Forest of order

How-we-survive Meeting Room

Intelligent Buddies

Super People

Visual images session

Liberated Meeting Room

Step-up Conference

Different thinkers conference Room

Setting the sound Room

The wishers and workers

Greatness Hall

Key meeting Center Caucus

Solving World Problems

Hedging the Horizon

Activities plus

Framing the case matter

Before the Start

The round table

Stimulating Space

The online Fanatics

Strength Boost 

Director extraordinaire

Steel Section

We think aloud

Pursuing the ultimate goal

Directorial Event

Noblemen and debutante

Conflans Meeting

Barricade room

Faculty Meeting

Showing The way

Swotting Table

City gurus Lounge

Spruce Ideas

The Rarest Room

Lens of Possibilities

Shinny Spot

The order space

Power hour room

Meditation Chamber

Pinnacle performance

Healthful Conference room

Mesial Park

Verdict Meeting room

Policyholders Zone

Mind processing factory


The major lakes Meeting room

The History

The contemporary Platform

Creme selection 

How we think about meeting

Acting on decisions Platform

Climacteric Conference

Aligned thoughts conference 

The Major case

The meeting zone

Nuggets of wisdom channel 

5th League

Lets coffee it out

Gathering momentous Intel

 The functioning joint

Bliss meeting

Formulation scheme

Bear room

Managers’ zone

Creativity zone

Fun Names

Starfighter Session

A Cup of tea

Professionals Revival

Congregation of Objectives

Let’s discuss this differently

The Agenda that gets us

Centro Rally Point

Break out the Cannon

Agglomeration of expertise


Catchy Meeting Names

Group Hug

Group meet

Group ideas

Breakfast chat

Branch Chat

Dinner ideas

Chating the Course

The path charters

Do Ideal Things

Great things cooking

Be Extraordinary

The Remarkables

Inside Leadership

Core team

Building for the Future

Setting foundations

Filling gaps

Fencing the system

Operation Excellence

Operation rebuild

Operation calibre

Coolest Conference

The people’s conference

The Operation Room

The rumination room

The heated room

Exceptional times

Relieving the victories

Exceptional mornings

Action Forum


A Never-quit reminder

Never Stop Believing

Meeting Of The Minds

Giants in tech

A World of Opportunities

The opportune moments 

The pursuit of zeal

The Pursuit of Passion

Steering the team

Navigating the Future

Future’s bright ambitions

Breaking Down Barriers

Fixing things meeting

How do you name a meeting?

The name you give a meeting is as important as the meeting itself. The name you give your meeting will carry the impact that the meeting will have on the attendees. If you want the attendees to feel empowered through the meeting, the meeting name has to show it.

Meeting names should be unique, memorable, and short. We have listed some tips for you to help you pick out a meeting name:

1. Come up with a specific title

It is always good to go straight to the point and not beat about the bush when it comes to a meeting name. The name you pick should be descriptive of what the meeting entails.

For example, Customer Focus, Tech meetings, and Progress analysis, among others

2. Find the purpose of the meeting

The name you choose should carry the purpose of the meeting, which helps to keep the meeting focused. The attendees must read the meeting’s name and know what to expect. 

For example, Agenda Approval, Let’s Get Together, Satisfying Sessions

3. Memorable for all attendees

You would like a meeting that attendees remember without so many reminders. So how do you make a meeting memorable? The meeting name should be short as it is easy to remember, and you could try and make it fun.

A good example of a fun meeting name is, Shaping the Future

4. Brainstorming: come up with potential names

Before settling on a name, take your time and think through different name ideas. If it seems like a hard task, worry not; feel free to pick a number from the ones we have listed above. 


We all want to break monotony and boredom when it comes to meetings. Using creative names will keep the attendees engaged and eager to be part of that meeting. 

As for these catchy names, we have done thorough research on them, and we greatly recommend that you use them.

Have a great meeting!

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