Is Tinder Gold Really Worth my Hard-Earned Money?

Has it taken you ages to find the perfect match on Tinder? Do you ever wonder if adding an extra dollar gives you a better chance of getting your dream date or a lifetime partner? 

This article will take you through a brief and well-detailed review of Tinder Gold. By the time you finish reading this masterpiece, you’ll understand the following:

  • What tinder gold is, how it works, and its subscription cost
  • If getting the perfect match is easier using Tinder Gold or still a headache
  • The extra features that make Tinder Gold stand out from cheaper packages
  • The difference between Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold and the best Tinder package for you

Now, let’s dive in.

What is tinder gold?

Tinder gold is a premium subscription service that offers extra features like unlimited swipes, the rewind option, five free super-likes every month, getting to see who likes you, one boost on your profile per month, and hidden ads. 

How much is tinder gold?

Tinder Gold doesn’t have a fixed price for all users subscribed to the service. The price varies with age and sometimes with location. 

If you’re under the age of 30, Tinder Gold will cost you $14.99 monthly, $44.99 biannually or for six months, and $59.99 per year. 

If you’re 30 years and above, you’ll pay a monthly rate of $24.99. You can also pay a biannual rate of $74.99 or an annual rate of $99.99, depending on your preference.

An extra tip for buying Tinder Gold on offer

Do the prices Tinder Gold offer seem too high for your budget? Try buying Tinder on your laptop rather than on your phone. 

You’ll notice buying Tinder using a laptop will offer you a 30% discount on the subscription.  

What features does tinder gold offer?

You get to see who likes you

This is probably the best feature that Tinder Gold offers to its subscribers. Rather than swiping through hundreds of profiles trying to find who likes you, Tinder gold saves you the headache by showing who’s liked your profile. 

Even better, when you swipe right at profiles that have liked you, your ELO score improves which in turn boosts your ranking on the platform. Getting to see who likes you also makes it easy for you to get instant matches

You get to access Tinder’s daily top picks

Tinder Gold gives you full access to Tinder’s top picks that keep changing every day. This is unlike the free version, which limits you to only ten of Tinder’s top picks daily.  

This feature may help guys looking for super attractive women and girls looking for hot guys. This means average dudes and girls who feel their looks are not good enough may not stand a chance to date Tinder’s top picks. 

Moreover, if you’re searching for authenticity in a relationship, this feature may not help much. The top picks only show you the outward appearance of individuals ranked on the platform and not the real person behind the photo.  

If you’re looking to hook up with some hot chics or handsome dudes, then this feature is useful. You also need an outstanding profile that will attract high-profile mates. Moreover, the game will only favour you if you really look good. 

If you’re looking for a real relationship, I’d recommend trying your chances by approaching real women around you. If you’re a lady, go out and let the men out there know you’d like to date.

Unlimited likes

This feature is not just exclusive to tinder gold. It’s available in all premium tinder packages which are tinder plus and tinder platinum. 

For the free version, you can only do one like a day on a profile. If getting notifications for running out of likes annoys you, you can consider subscribing to tinder plus or tinder gold to have unlimited likes. 

1 free boost per month

A tinder boost makes your profile appear among top picks for about 30 minutes. Tinder gold offers its subscribers one free boost on their profile per month. 

Boosts increase your visibility to potential mates on the platform. That means more eyes on your profile and, hopefully, more matches. 

It’s a great feature, but you only get one boost per month with tinder gold. You can buy more boosts if you’d like more. 

5 free super likes every month

A super like allows you to like someone a little notch higher. If you’ve super-liked a person on Tinder, a blue star will appear on their profile like so:

Tinder gold offers you five free super likes a day, as opposed to the free version that only gives you one. 

A tinder passport for frequent travellers

The passport feature allows you to unlock any location around the world. This is a great feature if you’re a frequent traveller. Your profile can pop up on the platform from anywhere in the world. 

Unlimited swipes

Tinder gold gives you the advantage of unlimited swipes, unlike the free version, which limits you to 100 swipes a day. 

However, too many swipes with fewer likes and matches will compromise your ELO score on Tinder. If you want tinder to boost your profile’s ranking, try getting many likes and matches. This is only possible if you have a top-tier killer profile. Otherwise, swiping too much can raise an alarm on tinder algorithms that you’re either a bot or a spammer. 

The rewind option

Sometimes you find yourself swiping the wrong person right or swiping left the person that caught your attention. Tinder gold gives you the liberty to undo or rewind your swipe. This feature is also available on tinder plus, which is a much more affordable option.  

No annoying ads

This is another feature  I consider a plus for all premium Tinder packages. No one likes it when ads pop up randomly as they use Tinder.  

With Tinder Gold, you can hide ads and enjoy a smooth experience while using the app. This feature is also available on Tinder Plus and Tinder platinum. 

However, if you can bear with the ads that keep popping up, the free version is good enough. 

Tinder gold: The good and the bad

Tinder gold offers plenty of goodies, but some users also find their experience daunting using the subscription. Below is a brief summary of the pros and cons of Tinder Gold. 

Pros of tinder gold

  • Saves you a lot of time
  • No annoying ads
  • Limited visibility, that is, you can hide your age and location. 

Cons of tinder gold

  • Your dating life is literally at the mercy of tinder algorithms. At times you get recommendations of top picks that sometimes don’t match reality
  • You may be able to see who likes you or boost your profile but still end up getting your perfect match or a response from those you’ve approached

Tinder gold vs tinder plus

Now comes the comparison between Tinder gold and Tinder plus and the option that’s best for you. Below are features common with both packages:  

  • Unlimited likes
  • Rewinds
  • 5 super likes per month
  • 1 free boost per month
  • Access to the passport feature
  • No ads

The feature that differentiates the two packages is the ability to see who liked you. Tinder Gold gives you access to people who’ve swiped right on your profile.  

You will also be able to view the status of the person who liked you. For instance, if they’re active or dormant and the last time they visited their profile. 

So which tinder package is best for you?

If you’re new to the platform and are interested in purchasing one of the packages, I’d recommend Tinder plus. Tinder gold is great but may not work for you as you’d probably not match tinder’s top picks. 

This is not to discourage you from subscribing to the service, but the pretty attractive girls expect advances from high-quality profiles. 

If you have more experience on Tinder and have built a great profile with a bunch of likes and matches, and you travel a lot, Tinder Gold is worth going for. 

Final verdict: is tinder gold really worth it?

My final verdict would be yes, and no. Here’s why. 

Tinder Gold is worth buying if through experience you’ve got plenty of likes, made several matches, and strengthened your profile.  Being able to see who’s liked you will save you time and help you get matches quicker. 

For newbies, Tinder Gold can be intimidating, and getting likes from high-quality profiles can be a challenge. In fact, you may end up not getting a like at all, leave alone being noticed. Tinder plus is a good place to start if you’re new to the platform. 

Frequently asked questions about tinder gold

Does tinder gold boost your profile?

Tinder gold can boost your profile but only once a month for free. If you want more boosts, you’ll have to purchase them. 

Is it worth paying to see likes on tinder?

In my opinion, yes, it’s worth paying to see likes on tinder. This will not only make finding matches easier, but it will save you a lot of time. 

Is paying for tinder good?

That totally depends on you. If you feel the free version limits your experience on Tinder, you can pay for the premium subscriptions tinder offers. 

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