14 Jobs with the Most Time Off (Expert Guide)

Most people usually look forward to the day they will retire to relax. On the other hand, there are those looking for ways to take it easy before they retire. These people don’t understand that you can effectively start relaxing right now if you have the right job.

Key points

  • You can find a high-paying job that gives you more time off if you work in an industry for long.
  • Most of the high-paying jobs that offer a considerable amount of time off require one to have at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • You must possess specific skills and competencies to thrive in these positions.

Some jobs allow you to work the hours you want and make some good income without punching a clock at the office. If you are looking for such a job, you are in the right place. This article looks at jobs with the most time off.

What jobs have a lot of downtime?

People consider two main things when looking for a job: the amount of money they will earn and the amount of time off they will enjoy. If you are looking for a job that perfectly combines these two qualities, here are some excellent examples to consider:


Annual Salary: $55,022

Average Time Off: Two weeks of vacation and two weeks of sick days

Eating is part of our daily lives but most people don’t have the best eating habits. As people juggle the pressures of life and family, they succumb to unhealthy eating habits. Eventually, the effects of poor eating habits start manifesting physically.

At this point, a dietician’s services become critical. They usually offer advice about healthy eating habits. Additionally, they lay out special dietary plans for specific issues an individual may have. They also work with the clients for some time to follow up on their success.

Some dieticians also work in the research sector to improve the sector’s knowledge of what’s healthy. This sector does not require as much time as other medical professionals allowing them more vacation time.

Social Media Manager

Annual Salary: $58,105

Average Time Off: At least three weeks

All businesses globally are interested in creating a solid social media following to allow them to reach new customers organically. It is also one of the most enticing marketing strategies globally.

A social media manager helps companies increase their social media reach. They work alone or with a specialized team. Also, since there is a high demand for Social Media Managers, companies pay well for their services.

Apart from being a well-paying job, it also offers you considerable vacation time. A social media manager usually gets more than three weeks off every year. The time off also fluctuates based on the company they are working with. Moreover, the job is projected to grow by 10% in the next five years.

School Principal

Average Annual Salary: $99,397

Average Time Off: Four Weeks Annually

Every learner will tell you that they dread visiting the principal’s office. But, once they grow up, most would relish the opportunity to serve in such a capacity. A school principal oversees students and teachers and can work in high school, middle and elementary schools.

To work as a principal, you must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. You will also be compensated well for your services. Although you might not get the entire summer off, a school principal gets more vacation time than many other jobs. On average, a school principal receives up to four weeks off annually.

Civil Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $70,785

Average Time Off: About three weeks, depending on experience

Every construction project requires a lot of planning and oversight. A civil engineer handles these responsibilities by designing and managing the events of construction projects. In case there is an issue with the project, the civil engineer is the one that is expected to provide solutions.

You must possess excellent supervisory and communication skills to succeed in this position. You must also be fluent in relevant computer applications. Civil engineers receive significant pay for their services and enjoy more vacation time. Moreover, your vacation time depends on your years of experience.

College Professor

Average Annual Salary: $68,121

Average Time Off: Up to three months annually

College professors work in institutions of higher learning equipping their students with knowledge and skills in different disciplines. They achieve this by organizing structured schedules for lessons throughout the semester. Additionally, they take part in research and publish articles.

Like other teaching jobs, college professor jobs offer considerable time off annually. The time usually varies between different professors. For instance, they can get up to three months of time off annually.

Airline Pilot

Average Annual Salary: $67,120

Average Time Off: Around 180 days annually

An Airline Pilot’s job comes with many enticing qualities, including travelling worldwide. Those working in this role are responsible for safely and efficiently operating the aircraft between destinations. However, they don’t just fly the plane; they also put on a lot of work before and after they take off. For instance, they organize flight plans and check the weather and plane conditions.

To qualify for this position, you must study aircraft engineering, complete a flight program and get a flying license. Additionally, a pilot is expected to put down at least 2000 flight hours.

However, the enormous amount of time off they get annually makes the job even more attractive. Because they are in charge of safely operating the aeroplane carrying civilians, they need enough time to rest and recharge. They are also appreciated well for their services.   

Which job has the least working hours?

Apart from the jobs that give you significant off time, you can also go for jobs with the least working hours. Here are the jobs with the least working hours you should consider:

K-12 Teacher

Average Pay: $62,870

It is apparent that K-12 teachers usually work some pretty light hours. Even though you might have grading and meetings to take care of during after-school hours on certain days, you’ll work at most seven hours daily.

Teaching jobs are also very competitive in certain cities. Therefore, ensure you do your due diligence before applying for a job. Moreover, nothing beats having summers off, right?


Average Salary: $52,500

Make no mistake; a firefighter’s job is not a stress-free responsibility. However, the bright side of the job is that you will enjoy plenty of downtime at the fire station attending to calls.

Firefighters usually work long shifts of varying lengths. But they often work 10 to 14 –hour shifts. This means you can work 10 hours on call and enjoy 14 hours off! What’s more, you’ll also receive decent pay for your life-saving services.

Corporate Recruiter

Average Salary: $63,490

As a corporate recruiter, you are responsible for finding suitable candidates to fill job openings. You’ll work closely with the human resources department. If you have excellent communication skills, you will succeed in this role.

Most corporate recruiters don’t work the usual hours. As a result, they have a lot of time to enjoy doing other activities outside work.

Food Technologists

Average Salary: $68,830

Food technologists analyze and research food to enhance its taste and shelf life. It is a low-stress job that requires one to have a relevant bachelor’s degree. This role has a lot of free time because you can do it part-time if you like.

You will also receive decent pay for your services. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims you can earn an average of $68,830 annually working as a Food Technologist.

Jobs with the most personal freedom

Another excellent option would be to go for a job that offers you the most personal freedom. Such jobs have flexible working hours and might even allow you to work from home.

SEO Manager

Average Salary: $72,661

Thirty years ago, this job did not exist! Nonetheless, it is one of the most marketable jobs available right now. SEO Managers help organizations optimize their websites for search engines to find them effortlessly.

The beauty of this position is that it allows you to work from home, leaving a lot of time in your workweek. However, you need to have excellent time management and communication skills to thrive in this role.

Massage Therapist

Average Salary: $43,620

One of the advantages of working as a massage therapist is that you get to work in a serene environment. Moreover, as you help your clients relieve their stress, you will also feel stress relief.

This will be an excellent job for you if you have a strong background in physiology and therapy. You can work as a freelancer allowing you to enjoy flexible working hours.

Translator or Interpreter

Average Salary: $52,330

Are you multilingual? If so, you have what it takes to be a successful translator or interpreter. Although some jobs require a bachelor’s degree, others don’t. In this regard, you can work from home as a freelancer to earn some extra income.

The flexibility that comes with this role makes it an excellent choice for people interested in remote work and self-employment. Moreover, with the world becoming a global village, translators or interpreters have become more marketable.

Data Scientists

Average Pay: $126,830

Data scientists help organizations to collect and parse information to help them make informed decisions. It is a computer-oriented and technically oriented-job. You will need a bachelor’s degree to work in this role.

Apart from being paid decently to work as a Data scientist, you will also enjoy flexible working hours. Moreover, you can work from home, making an excellent choice for people looking for a better work-life balance.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in working and playing hard, you are not alone! Fortunately, plenty of job opportunities can allow you to enjoy lots of free time. This article has presented enough examples for you to choose from. Which one do you qualify for?

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