Why Your Business Should Use a Performance Planner

In this era of technological innovations, only businesses that embrace cutting-edge technologies in their operations remain competitive. One such innovation is the Performance Planner tool.

Does your business use Performance Planner?

Key Points

  • The marketing world has changed dramatically thanks to the dynamic nature of consumer needs. 
  • Marketing teams find it challenging to keep up with the ever-changing consumer behavior manually. 
  • Technological innovations such as Google Ads Performance Planner enable marketers to deal with this challenge. 
  • Your business Google Ads account must provide the tool with the necessary data to make it effective. 
  • Using Performance Planner offers your business numerous benefits that result in a better Return On Investment (ROI). 

This post defines what a Performance Planner is before explaining different reasons why you need it for your business. It also looks at the advantages of using the Performance Planner tool and different ways of using it in your business. Let’s dig in!

What is a Performance Planner?

Performance Planner is a forecasting tool that relies on machine learning to reveal the possibilities for your business’ Google Ads campaigns. It powers the forecasts using your account history and machine learning.

In Google Ads tools, there is a certain level of accuracy that the forecasts must meet. Furthermore, Google Ads uses machine learning to refine the estimates making them more accurate.

How to use a Performance Planner

There are four steps your business must go through to use Performance Planner effectively:

  • Learn: Create a new budget to discover your business campaigns’ ideal bids and budgets to drive incremental conversions.
  • Explore: Explore further optimizations and project how you can boost your business using Google Ads.
  • Do: Evaluate and execute changes prescribed by your Performance Planner plan.
  • Repeat: Make sure your business reacts to external factors and optimizes to the target metrics set. Using Performance Planner monthly yields the best results.

How the tool works

Performance Planner considers billions of search queries to provide the most accurate forecasts possible. It is typically updated every 24 hours. Furthermore, it simulates relevant ad auctions in the last ten days, including competitor activity, landing page, and seasonality.

After performing the simulations and collecting data, you measure the accuracy of Performance Planner predictions for running campaigns against the actual ultimate performance. The tool uses machine learning to refine the forecasts.

Why should your business use performance planner Google ads?

The marketing world has changed dramatically in recent years, and Google Ads is among the platforms behind the transformation. Google Ads has emerged as one of the most effective ways of paid online advertising.

You can reach anyone who uses Google to search for information, products, and services using Google Ads. When you use it appropriately, this tool can send massive numbers of people your way that require what you offer. If your business does not have a Google Ads account or does not use it to its full potential, consider harnessing the platform’s power.

What is Google Ads Performance Planner?

This is a tool that allows businesses to create plans to predict the impact of changes and budget adjustments on their critical metrics and ad performance. It enables you to discover the proper spending amounts and determine how to maximize your budget effectively.

Why your business needs Google Ads Performance Planner

Google ads Performance Planner is one of the best ways you can use to get more from your business campaigns. Here are some of the benefits of using Performance Planner for Google Ads:

It helps businesses predict campaign performance

It is usually challenging for a business running a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign to know how changes will affect their campaigns. When running PPC campaigns, companies typically try out new keywords or attempt to see better ways of optimizing their budget.

However, implementing the changes might negatively impact your business. However, with Performance Planner, you can predict campaign outcomes before you make adjustments.

Therefore, one of the most critical benefits of using Performance Planner is that it allows you to see a forecast of your campaign. Furthermore, it will enable you to explore the outcomes and make changes to your campaign settings to optimize ad performance.

It provides projections on the performance of your ads allowing you to understand how it will impact metrics like conversions, clicks, and conversion value. In turn, this enables you to understand what impact the changes will have on your budget and Return on Investment (ROI) before you make them.

It eliminates guesswork

With Performance Planner, you will no longer do guesswork. When adjusting your campaigns, you constantly guess what will and will not work. As a result, you risk making changes that might negatively affect your campaign’s performance.

Thanks to Performance Planner, you will not be guessing anymore. For example, the tool provides first-hand information on how new keywords would impact your ad. It offers forecasts that allow you to determine whether making the changes is worthwhile.

It helps optimize your budget

When you use Google Ads Performance Planner, it is effortless to maximize your budget. Every business desires to get the most out of its investment in Google Ad campaigns. This tool enables you to optimize your budget, ensuring you get the most from every penny you spend.

Performance Planner allows businesses to discover how much it costs to adjust their campaigns. It also lets them know whether the adjustments will be worth it in the long run. The tool enables you to determine whether you need to increase your budget and how that change will impact what you get from the campaigns.  

What are the advantages of Performance Planner?

There are many advantages of using performance Planner, including:

  • It allows you to review your projected monthly and quarterly performance.
  • It offers suggestions that enable business campaigns to perform better for the same spend.
  • It allows businesses to discover how changes in their campaign settings affect their spending and performance goals.

The bottom line is that Performance Planner allows businesses to maximize their growth by optimizing their budgets. When you plan your Google Ads in advance, it is effortless to understand the future spending potential of the current Google Ads campaigns.

This understanding allows you to make budget decisions and set optimal bids and budgets for your campaigns. Consequently, it ensures you maximize your ROI.

In what ways can Performance Planner help businesses increase sales?

Google Ads Performance Planner can help you boost sales in different ways, including:

It offers real-time campaign optimization

You can use smart bidding to balance the need for exceptional performance using limited resources. For instance, with Smart Bidding, you can automatically drive more performance out of the money you spend while freeing up time.

Performance Planner allows you to create, monitor, and handle your business portfolio bid strategies for different accounts. Combining campaigns from other accounts into one portfolio will enable you to drive more performance from them quickly.

Consequently, you get more visibility into the performance of your bid strategy from status updates, top signals, and advanced performance reports. This allows you to effortlessly discover what causes impressions, clicks, costs, and conversions to vary to get the projected ROI.

It enables you to adjust to seasonality

For your business to thrive, you must adjust to seasonal trends. You can only achieve this by planning your marketing campaign in advance. For instance, PPC management helps boost conversion rates of holiday season sales. It also helps you to avoid overspending in saturated markets.

In its Performance Planner projections, Google considers how seasonal ups and downs impact various brands. This allows you to make the necessary adjustments to boost your sales in different seasons.

It helps you identify how competitive your industry is

It would help to have a clear vision of what is happening in the market as you plan your ad campaign. For instance, if your business targets multiple locations in a single country, consider analyzing the potential of a local PPC strategy for your sector.

Google Ads planner makes it effortless to identify how competitive your sector is. It also allows you to determine the most receptive and affordable areas to advertise. This tool enables you to analyze the market in detail.  

Performance Planner also helps you see the most popular and expensive keywords relevant to your business in a particular area. You will also encounter costly keywords that are not necessarily popular.

Offers start-ups ways of increasing their ROI exponentially

Growth is a critical metric for every start-up. Most start-ups on a limited budget depend on achieving massive growth within a short period. As a result, they need innovative, analytical, and affordable ways to boost their ROI.

Google Ads Performance Planner can help such businesses attract and retain clients. It allows you to get customer feedback to help you determine whether you are on track with your goals.

Furthermore, they can market their products to get continued growth while tracking the outcome of those results. Using Performance Planner also allows you to compare results with previous periods and make necessary plans to boost campaign ROI.

It provides real-time personalized guidance for businesses to adapt to market changes

Google Ads Performance Planner allows you to explore new opportunities in a dynamic market. It offers personalized guidance in real time to help you adjust as the market needs change.

Therefore, you will make good use of resources. The tool provides simulations of related ad auctions offering an insight into the estimated performance of your campaign and recommendations for better performance. In the end, it will help you boost your sales.

It allows you to plan effectively

The variation in customer behavior has led to the emergence of new growth prospects. Google Ads Performance Planner eliminates the guesswork in your planning by offering a performance plan having projected clicks, conversion values, and conversions depending on several spend levels and ROI targets.   

 It helps you monitor performance

The market is continually fluctuating; hence you need to monitor your performance closely. Performance Planner lets you track your campaigns in real time, helping you act quickly. Making necessary adjustments as needed can help a business boost its sales.

What can Google ads performance planner recommend?

Customer schedules, habits, and behaviors are changing fast. This demands that advertisers devise new ways to meet the ever-shifting consumer needs. Fortunately, Performance Planner can help you overcome this challenge.

One of the ways the tool works is by offering recommendations. The recommendations highlight how a business can maximize one of the three performance metrics: conversions, clicks, or conversion value.   

Final Thoughts

Google Ads Performance Planner allows businesses to optimize their campaigns by recommending an optimal plan.

The recommended plan usually allocates funds effectively among different campaigns. However, you must apply the tool appropriately for the best results.

For example, use it frequently (like once monthly) to ensure you keep up with the trends. Create an account today to start enjoying these benefits!

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