What Do Transportation Jobs Pay? (Best Pay)

The transport sector offers many jobs. From a truck driver to a loading position.

Transportation jobs pay a lucrative salary.

However, as one of the best paying jobs, you must research the best location to get more opportunities.

Key points

  • Transportation job pay comes down to factors such as education and occupation.
  • Salary in the transportation industry depends on the level of expertise.
  • The average job salary also comes down to the transportation company.

While many people are always looking for transportation jobs, what do transportation jobs pay? 

Suppose you are searching for the best paying jobs in transportation.

To answer the question, you need to know: the salary information of the highest paying jobs (career potential earnings), whether it is a promising and rewarding career, the highest paying driver job, and how to actively search online.

Let’s dig in.

What do transportation jobs pay?

On average, the transportation industry offers $ 57,500 annually.

However, the average salary depends on the type of occupation since it contains different tasks. For clarity, compare these two people; an airplane pilot and a truck driver. 

An entry-level truck driver earns an average of $ 23,000 annually. On the flip side, a highly-experienced airplane pilot in a top-rated company earns an average salary of about $ 143,000 annually.

Generally, transportation jobs pay comes down to location, skills, job title, and company. 

Other types of transportation jobs may include:

Job TitleEntry-Level SalaryAverage Salary90th Percentile Salary
Traffic Engineer$ 182,000$ 108,000$142,000
Transportation Engineer$ 47,000$ 65,000$ 91,000
Supply Chain Analyst$ 47,000$ 65,000$ 91,000
Air Traffic Controller$ 29,000$ 70,000$ 126, 000
Bus Driver$28,000$34,000$42,000
Subway Train Operator$ 26,000$ 58,000$ 132,000
Taxi Driver$ 23,000$ 33,000$ 147,000
Flight Attendant$ 24,000$ 30 ,000$ 139,000

From the list, different types of employment have different salaries, but the income depends on the job title and location.

Is transportation a good career?

Transportation is a very good career. Below are the reasons why.

Unending Opportunities

These jobs contain several occupations, hence employment opportunities’ availability. In addition, the transportation industry offers various growth opportunities.

They contain various skills and offer on-the-job training to improve workers game. Additionally, as a job that requires minimum education, a person can start from a low to a higher position.

Impact lives

Transportation is a good career path because it impacts people’s lives. Like circulatory systems in our bodies, transportation runs the world. Apart from passengers, it involves delivering materials. This, in return, creates a positive impact.

Transportation exposes workers to new environments, thanks to on-the-job training. For example, you might be working on developing a new transit system today, and you sit with supervisors and managers in the next hour to discuss various issues.


Another reason why transportation is a good career is fulfilling. The reason why it is rewarding is that one will always find solutions for barriers. Also, new trends are emerging, so you have to be on the lookout. 

In the end, you’ll be able to develop close-knit relationships between professionals, colleagues, the employer, and, most importantly, customers. But, on the contrary, be ready for homesickness as you’ll spend many hours trying to reach the right place.

Other benefits include;

  • Enhancing socialization.
  • On-the-job training.
  • Working per hour.
  • A sense of belonging.

These jobs expose workers to different people hence a new way to meet and share ideas.

What is a career in transportation?

A career in the transportation industry is a specialization in a certain job that transports people and cargo from one location to the other via rail, plane, bus, or other modes of transportation. 

It also involves things such as travel and tour agencies. These agencies offer advice, book, and coordinate the whole process. Additionally, it includes support personnel such as repair workers and maintenance staff.

What transportation jobs pay the most?

There are many transportation jobs out there. However, each pays differently depending on several factors. But which transportation job pays the most? Again, depending on the search, a truck driver and commercial pilot earn well.. 

A commercial pilot’s average salary is $ 130,440. To be a commercial pilot, one must have a bachelor’s degree in transportation, business, or engineering. Commercial pilots fly for private employees, major airlines, or freight companies.

The salaries depend on whether a lead pilot, co-pilot, or flight engineer. They pay monthly or per hour. For completed flight training, education levels are a must. You need to accompany an FAA-certified school or flight instructor. Additionally, pilots can have military experience.

Other transportation jobs that pay vast amounts of money are as follows.

  • Air traffic controllers
  • Railroad workers
  • Flight attendants
  • Truck Driver
  • Water transport workers

Do truckers make more money in the transportation industry?

As mentioned earlier, the transportation industry is vast. Apart from pilots, truck drivers make a good amount of money. Truck drivers, especially those working in firms, averagely get paid in cents per mile, between 28 and 40 cents. 

This means that the drivers complete between 2000 to 3000 miles in a week. Solo driving is one of the highest-paying jobs because drivers earn an average salary of between 46 to 56 cents per mile. 

They also earn from incentives such as driver referral programs and fuel mileage bonuses. Generally, it depends on the type of vehicle and the type of driver. 

But according to ZipRecruiter. Com, a well-known job search site, the highest-paid truck driver gets a salary of about $ 50,000. You must create and upload your resume, sign in, and start your job search. Also, sign-in employers then track and compare wages by country. 

Which trucking company pays the highest salary?

There are many trucking firms responsible for these jobs. 

As much as they offer similar services, these careers pay differently. Of course, different trucking firms offer different salaries to their employees. The trucking company with the best paying jobs is Sysco

Sysco is an American Multinational corporation that markets and distributes food products, kitchen equipment, and tabletop items to healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and restaurants.

Sysco pays an annual average salary of $ 87, 204 which adds up to $ 47.92 per hour. Other companies that pay a reasonable amount include Walmart, Epes transport, and ACME Trunk Line. 

What is the highest-paying driver’s job?

There are many driving jobs. Each contains different salaries depending on several factors. Moreover, the highest-paying driving job is in the niche market. This refers to a special segment in the trucking sector. 

It is special since it is unique and expensive equipment. On top of that, it requires skilled drivers with a commercial driver’s license. The highest paying driving jobs in this category include;

Private Fleet; Many transportation firms own private trucking fleets. This job requires a lot of expertise since it involves the operation of expensive equipment. 

Employers pay an average of $ 70,000 to $ 85,000 annually. Employers ask for a high school diploma, a clean driving history record, and a commercial driver’s license to get this kind of salary.

Ice Road Trucking Jobs: This is yet another highest-paying driver’s job. Driving on the Ice is not something to take likely. It involves many risks, such as health issues and accidents. In these jobs, the salary information ranges from $ 20,000 to $ 75,000.

Liquid/tanker hauling: Hauling hazardous products gives this job the highest pay. The driver also is exposed to chemical fumes when piping hazardous chemicals. However, employees get lucrative pay to cater to their health.

Team driving; Another driving job is team driving: the easiest way to create wealth. With a high school diploma, drivers get paid handsomely in this department, but it cannot be easy to keep up with the schedule.

Union drivers: Unionized drivers get a good salary because the union sets wages according to the work done. It also covers health and living costs to help reduce the burden.

Specialty car haulers: People specialize in hauling special cars such as vintage. The driver needs to be careful when handling these types of cargo.

What are transportation jobs requirements?

Transportation careers are the best since they don’t have a lot of demands. However, a few must-have requirements help you qualify in this category. 

An employer can advise on a minimum of 2 years as an expert in the transportation industry and a completed vocational school.

You are also expected to have a high school diploma, resume, and deep knowledge of transportation rules and regulations. 

Employers need great leadership and interpersonal skills and proficiency in transportation management software. 

Furthermore, you must advance in time management, organization, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Nonetheless, you need to be ready to provide support outside business hours.

What are the transportation job common titles?

The transportation job has a lot of titles, thus the right place to be. These titles are essential in categorizing positions. Among the common transportation job title in demand, ones are movers. 

Others include schedulers, route supervisors, logistic personnel, and drivers.

What are the different types of water transportation workers?

The transportation industry has different water transportation workers who operate and maintain vessels that take cargo and people over water. The vessels are expected to travel to and from foreign ports across the ocean and domestic ports.

What do water transportation workers do? 

  • Workers in these jobs operate and maintain non-military vessels.
  • Workers in this job follow their vessel’s strict chain of command.
  • In this job, workers ensure the safety of all people and cargo on board.

Also called merchant mariners, they work on various ships. For example, some operate large deep-sea container ships to transport manufactured goods and refrigerated cargos worldwide.

Others, like motorboat operators, are employed by bulk ships that travel over the Great Lakes and across the oceans carrying big goods like coal or iron ore.

These workers include;

  • Able seamen
  • Boat pilots
  • Captains
  • Car ferry captains
  • Chief engineers
  • Harbor boat pilots
  • Motorboat operators

The final word

Transportation is a broad industry that employs different workers to aid in moving materials and passengers. Every hour, workers in the transportation industry are always on constant move. 

But what do transportation jobs pay? Incomes vary depending on the country, employer, and job title. But generally, people like commercial pilots and ship engineers get paid well and can upgrade to different careers. 

If you desire a job in the transportation world, sign in to online platforms and start your search.

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