Apartments can be large complex projects, from design, architecture, marketing, and sales to construction.

Here at MoneyRyde, we have personal first-hand experience marketing and selling such projects.

Here we provide a brief introduction to some important concepts that have resulted in success.

The goal of any marketing campaign is to compete and grab your audience’s attention. What is that potential audience?

How do you get the attention of an audience? 

The standard traditional approaches of the past include:

  1. Advertising in local newspapers and/or online
  2. Distributing flyers and/or door hangers in the local area
  3. Hosting open houses or special events
  4. Working with a real estate agent or property management company

But what do we do in the modern digital economy where people spend more time and make more purchasing decisions online?

Let’s take a closer look at more modern media-savvy approaches.

The Four Ps of Marketing

Start with the fundamentals.

The Four Ps of marketing form the basis for all marketing campaigns. This is also known as the concept of marketing mix:  

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Place
  4. Promotion

Product is about understanding your product, what problem it solves, who needs it, its life cycle, and how to deal with it at every stage.

Price is the amount your clients are willing to pay for the apartment or the amount you will sell it. 

Place refers to the location of your apartments and the effect physical location has on its price.

Promotion may involve celebrity endorsement, catchy slogans, unforgettable packaging or graphic designs, and general media exposure.

Let’s look at the various ways to market your apartment complex to create the right mix of traditional and digital media.

1. Social Media 

Many people spend a good chunk of their time on social media, which is only increasing as we see people buried in their phones.

However, since the COVID19 pandemic, physical gatherings have been limited.

As a result, businesses have capitalized on social media to engage their targeted audience, which is a game changer for your property management business.

As you market on social media, you must be strategic, thoughtful, and beneficial to tenants. Then, you can do it or engage a social media expert.

To market effectively on social media, you should consider the following ideas:

  • Post listing of new apartments across all social media platforms with active users. E.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Pinterest. 
  • Engage your tenants actively all year round and not only when you have a listing on their social channels. 
  • Create content and show it to your tenants to keep them engaged with your properties by using virtual tours and pictures
  • Create a community for your tenants because people like to feel they belong. 

2. Reach your potential customers through paid Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube ads

This kind of advertising is inexpensive; however, you will need to engage a social media expert to be effective.

The power of targeted paid advertising compared to past mediums is that you can get direct access and profiling of your target audience.

Feedback, analytics, and click-through rates will allow you to analyze data for the highest return on equity.

3. Rental Listings!

Combine one of the most traditional effective advertising the rental listing, with your online strategy.

Before social media hype, apartment owners did the listing in the newspapers or real estate signs. Online rental listings came to replace them. 

Keep the apartment complex brand, logo, slogan, and taglines consistent across print and digital media.

Several sites are available to list your apartment on, and your potential tenant can find it at the tap of a button.

4. Maximize Your Website

Do you have a website? You can effectively reach potential new tenants if you learn how to maximize your online presence. List available properties on your website and add your contacts there. 

You can also include a blog on your website to attract traffic and keep your website’s visitors occupied. You can use your website to show your expertise and create content for all your social media platforms.

Some of the blog posts to consider are:

  • Tips and resources for renters and tenants
  • A city guide to your local area
  • Guides to finding a rental property in your area

5. Invest In An SEO Strategy

An effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy will enable you to drive organic web traffic to your website.

Google and Bing are some of the SEOs available. 

Does the above statement sound complex? Let’s simplify it, then. 

First, use keywords that someone searching for content on real estate is likely to use when creating content for your website. In that way, when they search on google and are in your location, the algorithm will favor your website. 

6. Google My Business

Ever heard of the Google My Business account? It helps potential tenants to find your business and contact information once you claim your account. You can access it from your main google account.

Round up

There are several ways to market your apartment complex.

You can use social media, online ads, rental listings, your website, and SEO to reach potential tenants.

While the traditional ways are valid, you should have a digital strategy in your marketing toolkit. Work with both to produce a comprehensive media-driven campaign.

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