How to Get Paid to Read Emails from Legit GPT Websites

Let’s be realistic about this. 

Do people really get paid to read emails? Do they make a decent income enough to replace their 9-5 jobs? Do they really earn more than $500 a day by simply reading emails? 

It feels suspicious. 

But the truth is, people do get paid to read emails. Imagine opening a whole bunch of annoying unread emails and getting paid to read them? It sounds too good to be true. 

Read on to find out more about this new way of earning some extra money. 

How can I get paid to read emails?

The task is simple: log in to your account, receive an email, open it then click on ad links embedded in the email. Afterwards, you get paid for clicking on the ads. 

Though you have to first sign up to a “Get-Paid-To” or GPT website which sends you emails. These emails usually come from companies that market their products and services to expand their customer outreach. 

Who seriously pays people to read emails?

Businesses and companies use emails as a marketing strategy to promote their products and services. Most are willing to pay GPT sites that in turn give a small token to users that register on their sites and go through emails sent from these companies and businesses. 

The reality about getting paid to read emails

Before diving into ways of earning some extra cash from reading emails, you need to first have realistic expectations. This is not to discourage you, but to give you a clear picture of what you’ll get once you sign up for these deals. 

Click baits are all over the web claiming you can make $600 a day from reading emails. Some even promise you financial freedom from your 9-5 job reading emails. Those are pure scams. 

The reality is you’ll be earning about $0.01 to $0.05 per email read from legitimate GPT websites. Emails sent from legit sites are usually not more than 50, and getting them is as close to winning a lottery among thousands of hopefuls. 

Some sites only provide a limited number of emails to read per day. This limits the number of earnings you can get from these sites. To increase your chances of earning handsomely, you’ll have to sign up for several GPT sites and read as many emails as possible. You can also take advantage of several paid opportunities offered by such sites. 

Some of these include:

  • Paid online surveys,
  • Watching videos,
  • Playing games,
  • Online shopping for cash backs,
  • Social media engagement, among many others. 

Lastly, you won’t get paid immediately after reading an email. You’ll have to garner your earnings till they reach a set threshold amount for you to receive your dues. Threshold amounts vary from site to site. Some sites have high threshold payouts as high as $50 while some have threshold payouts as low as $3

GPT sites are not designed to make you rich. They only pay you for the time you put in to go through their paid offers. 

7 Legitimate sites that pay people to read emails

1. Paid To Read Email

How to Get Paid to Read Emails from Legit GPT Websites

Paid to Read Email is a free email reading site where you can earn anything between $0.01 and $0.3 depending on the number of emails you read. For payouts, you can request payment through PayPal or redeem your money as Amazon gift cards. Their payout threshold is $15 which is a fair price. 

Despite the promising deals Paid to Read Email offers, it’s not the best way to earn extra money. This is not to discourage you to sign up for the site, but you shouldn’t expect to earn as much as other GPT sites. 

Paid To Read Email is available in almost all countries. 

2. Daily Rewards

How to Get Paid to Read Emails from Legit GPT Websites

DailyRewards is a legit GPT site that pays you for reading emails, surveys, playing games, and participating in their deals. For every ad click on their site, you earn about $0.02

Once you sign up, you earn a $5 bonus. Their payout threshold is $30 which is a little too high. It’s only available to Canadian citizens. 

3. InboxDollars

How to Get Paid to Read Emails from Legit GPT Websites

If you notice, the DailyRewards website resembles that of InboxDollars. This is because DailyRewards is the Canadian version of InboxDollars. InboxDollars is only available to US residents

InboxDollars rewards new users with a $5 bonus for signing up for the website. Once you sign up, you can get a couple of emails to open and click ads for payment. The site also offers other paid opportunities like watching videos, taking surveys, and cashback from shopping online. 

Its threshold payout is $30 which is high. Their payment mode is the same just like other GPT sites, via PayPal or gift cards. 

4. InboxPounds

InboxPounds is the UK version of InboxDollars and is only accessible to residents in the UK.  

The site offers a £1 bonus for signing up and confirming your email. You can earn through reading emails and clicking ads that come along with them. The site also offers payment for taking surveys, playing games, and doing searches using its search engine. 

For you to earn consistently, you need to be active on the platform. It won’t be that hard for emails as you’ll only receive 3 emails to open per day. If you stay inactive, you may not receive emails. 

The payout threshold is pretty high – £20, but it offers several options for cash payouts. These include PayPal, Mastercard, Tesco, and gift cards. 

5. InboxPays

How to Get Paid to Read Emails from Legit GPT Websites

InboxPays is also a GPT site founded by A&A marketing and available to users residing in the United States. As a user on this site, you’ll receive emails, read them, and get a small token for clicking on linked ads embedded in the emails. 

Compared to other GPT sites, InboxPays pay rates are pretty low. You can only earn from paid offers they give on their website. It’s not a reliable way to get some decent cash but combining it with what you earn from other sites will add up to something. 

The payout threshold is $25 which is rather too high when compared to their pay rates. On the positive side, you get paid twice every month via PayPal, but only when you reach the threshold payout amount. 

6. MyPoints

How to Get Paid to Read Emails from Legit GPT Websites

Do you love shopping? Then signing up for MyPoints and earning cashback from online purchases can be your thing.   

It’s a GPT site owned by Prodege, who also owns Swagbucks, a very successful GPT website. 

They offer a variety of ways to earn with the main avenue being cashback from online purchases. For emails, they have BonusMail that allows you to receive emails, read them and click on the ads. These ads are where your earnings come from. 

Other ways to gain points from the platform are paid online surveys, watching videos, and searching using MyPoints’ search engine. When you refer your friends and they sign up for the site, you earn 25 points

Getting started with MyPoints by signing up earns you a $10 welcome bonus. As you take time participating in activities on their website, you earn points which you can either redeem into your Paypal account or get an Amazon gift card. Their payout threshold is $25 which can take longer if you want to be paid to your PayPal account.  

A major con for MyPoints is its exclusive availability to US and Canadian citizens

7. Swagbucks

How to Get Paid to Read Emails from Legit GPT Websites

Swagbucks is the giant of all GPTs websites and is available in all countries. Swagbucks offers competitive pay rates compared to other GPT sites with users earning as much as $1 to $5 in a day

Your pay also depends on the level of recognition on the website. For example, Diamond level status earns you the highest returns. 

Despite its availability all over the world, people living in the states and Canada benefit more from the site as they get more opportunities than those from other countries.

Apart from reading emails, Swagbucks also offers tons of opportunities to earn cash from the website. Some of these paid offers include:

  • Paid surveys
  • Cashbacks from online purchases
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games

Their payout methods are diverse, including Paypal, gift cards, and checks, which vary from country to country. 

Getting started on getting paid to read emails

Get a separate email address

First, you need to set up a separate email address. A dedicated email address for receiving emails from GPT sites will save you the headache of scrolling through mixed-up personal emails and those from the GPT website.  

You can use any free available mail services like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail to create a dedicated email account for receiving emails sent from GPT sites. 

Earn through referrals to your friends and family

GPT sites reward you for referring their services to your friends and family. Swagbucks for example gives a 10% commission of all earnings paid to friends you referred and signed up to the site. 

InboxDollars offers $1 for every referral and 30% of lifetime earnings from friends who’ve signed up for the website. Vindale Research gives $5 for every referral and MyPoints gifts 750 points which translates to about $4.70 if redeemed within 30 days. 

Keep checking your inbox the entire day

Keeping a close eye on your inbox the entire day is not a walk in the park. You have to look out for new emails to read and ads to click to earn a few cents. 

Most of these sites also have limited paid offers that can only be grabbed based on a first come first serve basis. That means you have to be among the first lot receiving the emails to grab the offers.  

Keep your email notifications on

Turning on email notifications will give you an upper hand when competing to get emails to read.  Some GPT sites require you to opt-in for active email notifications as part of their policy. This, however, does not restrict you from turning off your email notifications. 

Grab the massive offers

Apart from reading emails, you can take advantage of the paid offers that these websites offer. Take surveys, shop online and get cashback, watch their videos, enjoy their games, and occasionally use their search engines if you want to search the internet. 

These are a few ways of getting paid from GPT websites. Clicking ads from reading emails may not give good returns, but adding in earnings from other paid offers can make a huge difference. 

Run away from GPT scam websites

Scammy GPT sites exist as much as the legit ones that pay you for using their services. I’d recommend you first do your due diligence before signing up for any GPT website. 

A good way of determining the legitimacy of a GPT website is by checking other users’ reviews. Review websites like Trustpilot and glassdoor are a good place to start. You can also search the web for personal reviews of users who’ve shared their experiences on other people’s blogs and websites. 

The following signs will also help you look out for scammers early before they trap you:

  • Promising you crazy returns over a short period of time. GPT sites are well known for paying a few cents. If you see someone promising you $500 every week from GPT sites, that’s probably a scam.
  • Asking you to pay some “membership fee” before joining the website. This is probably the most obvious sign. No one should ask you to give them money in exchange for higher returns which never come anyway.
  • The website has no SSL certificate. When you click on the link leading to the site, a window will appear showing “privacy error”.
  • Unusually high bonus offers for signing up.
  • Sketchy policies and vague conditions. You’re entitled to complete openness and transparency of a GPT site. If it denies you this right, run like the plague.

Signs for scammy sites are not limited to these, anything that feels suspicious on a website is worth avoiding at all costs.  

Tips to take home about getting paid to read emails

Don’t quit your job for getting paid to read emails

With GPT sites, the highest you can earn is about $20 or $30 a month. And, you will reach this amount after putting in a lot of effort garnering and redeeming your points. 

In short, earning through GPT sites can never be enough to pay your bills and help you achieve financial freedom. Besides, you may spend several hours monitoring your account waiting for emails to read so as to earn something. It’s time-consuming but only pays peanuts.

If you have a 9-5 job, I’d advise you not to quit with the aim of venturing into GPT sites full-time. It’s better to look for bigger business and investment opportunities that can guarantee you higher returns in the long term.  

Sign up to multiple GPT websites 

GPT websites are well known to pay less than a dollar. Signing up to multiple websites will increase your chances to get better earnings by adding them up. 

Moreover, if one site has fewer offers, other sites can give you paid offers that will add an extra dollar to your account. 

It can be draining trying to manage multiple websites, but getting that extra cash to get you by may be worth it. 

Be creative and save time while reading emails

Staying the entire day waiting for an email to pop up is downright boring and tedious. Coming up with hacks to help you save time is the way to go. 

A good way is to monitor the time when emails start streaming. You can create a schedule to match these demands to help you save time and the hustle of getting an email to read. 

Save and invest those cents from reading emails

I get it, whatever you earn from reading emails from these websites is all peanuts. Maybe to help you buy your favourite ear-pods. But applying the same principle of saving and investing a percentage of what you earn from these websites can be a huge game changer. 

Even though you earn less than a dollar, it’s important to still “pay yourself first” before spending your earnings. 

Final thoughts: Getting paid to read emails

Getting paid to read emails is legit and is a strategy many are using to get some extra cash. 

Depending on the website you sign up for, you can earn anything between $20 to $30 in a month. Large GPT sites like Swagbucks pay their users competitive rates with diamond-level members earning as high as $50 to $250 in a day

Reading emails is a good way to earn side income but is not a sustainable way of making a lot of money in the long run. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Paid To Read Email legit?

Paid To Read Email is a legit get-paid-to website that pays users for opening emails and clicking ads in them. Their pay is, however, relatively low, with members earning between $0.01 to $0.3 for reading a couple of emails in a day. 

Can I make $500 a day sending emails?

For a legitimate GPT site, it’s not possible to make $500 in a day by only reading emails. You can take up different tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, and playing games, offered in the sites but the highest you can earn in a day is about $1 or $2. 

Is it worth getting paid to read emails as a side hustle?

Getting paid to read emails can be a good side hustle if you’re considering adding some extra cash to your regular income or if you want something small to get by. However, it’s not a good investment to rely on for long-term financial goals. 

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