16 Best Coloring Apps That Pay Money (Plus 3 More Ways To Get Paid to Color)

As a creative person, you will have an eye for detail, a passion, and a flair for coloring.

So the next question you might be wondering is — can I employ these skills and get paid real money to color?

The answer is yes! You can get paid real cash and make money coloring.

Key Points

  • Foap, Tap Fill Arts, Panel App, and several other apps can provide you with innovative ways to get paid to color and allow you to sell your coloring pages.
  • Find companies looking for colorists on Freelancer and Upwork
  • Sell your coloring pages directly through your website, Instagram, or Etsy

Choosing the proper coloring app is crucial if you want to get paid to color.

We have tried and tested all the apps and, in this guide, ranked and reviewed the best of the ones that pay you to color.

Earn some extra cash for entertainment or to pay a bill this month. It’s worth checking out these apps to see if you can generate additional income by doing something you already enjoy. 

Best Coloring Apps

1. Foap  

Best App to Sell Photos and Videos

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Foap is a popular app available on your smartphone, Android, and iOS that allows you to sell your photos and videos. You can also use Foap to sell coloring pages. Once your coloring page sells, you’ll earn $5. 

Uploading your coloring pages to this app allows you to generate income from this respected platform with many users worldwide. It’s one of the best coloring apps that pay you money. 

Key Features

  • Get paid to help people launch their mission (brand brief)
  • Buyers can choose different types of missions
  • Foap lets users select samples and generate pre-launch content

If you want to dip your toe into the coloring or colored page selling hustle, then Foap may be a good option. You sell photos for $10, and Foap keeps half.

We give this app 7 out of 10 stars for ease of use. 

2. Tap Fill Arts

Best for Regular Coloring Practise

This app is now available for download from Google, and players get paid to color. Once you reach $100, you can cash out into your account. There are many ways to enjoy coloring and winning points that can be converted to cash, including color by numbers and more. It’s highly recommended for those who find themselves wanting to color frequently. 


  • Fun coloring pages
  • A wide variety of fun activities
  • They pay for colored pictures
  • Free download

You get paid more for your coloring pages at first, but later down the line, you only get one to two cents per page. This is a free download with the potential to make you some extra money.

We give this app a 6 out of 10 for ease of use and payout. 

3. Slidejoy 

Best App To Earn-Points-For-Cash

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Key Features

  • The Slidejoy app pays you to see ads on your lock screen. When you unlock your phone, you’ll see an ad and choose to slide left to learn more or right to dismiss it.
  • You’ll earn points to redeem for cash or gift cards for every ad you see.

We only give this app 4 out of 10. Explore other options if you are serious about coloring.

4. Etsy

Etsy is one of the most popular apps today for art and handcrafted items. This is a great place to sell your coloring pages. Many people can generate considerable income with the right strategy. Try this one out if you have many coloring pages for sale. 


  • Easy to use seller features. 
  • There is a possibility of making a steady income.
  • You can cross-promote your Etsy store. 
  • You can sell a wide range of color pages. 
  • Great seller support. 

There is no cost to use Etsy as a customer. However, the cost to sell on Etsy ranges from the Basic account at $29 per month to the Advanced seller tier at $299 per month through Shopify. 

5. Fiverr 

Fiverr is another great app that allows people to sell their goods or services for five dollars each. However, you can sell add-ons to help buyers customize what they buy. This is an excellent way to make serious cash by selling your color by numbers or other coloring pages. Some people can make a solid income with Fiverr. It’s worth checking out to help make some real money for bills or something else. 


  • Convenient $5 sales or gigs. 
  • You can charge more for customization or add-ons. 
  • Fast pay. 
  • Free to sell.

You don’t need to pay to list your colored or coloring pages on Fiverr. However, they take a 20% commission on all sales. This is an excellent option for people just getting started selling coloring pages for money. You have the potential to grow your business over time.

We give this option an 8 out of 10 stars for making money and the potential to expand. 

6. Tap Pics

Tap pics is another app that rewards you for coloring pages and filling in the pictures they provide. This app claims to pay people up to $250 for filling in several photos. However, that can depend on several factors.

This paint-by-numbers app provides hints to help users fill in pictures and complete coloring pages with the appropriate colors. As you fill in the areas, the colors or numbers disappear. The app also provides bonuses for good work. 


  • They provide a table for numbers/colors to use for pictures. 
  • There are random bonuses.
  • You get hints at the end of the coloring task if you can’t figure out the last portion. 
  • They pay via PayPal. 
  • You can cash out once you collect $100. 

This app is free to download from the App Store and does pay. However, rewards begin to decrease over time, making it nearly impossible to withdraw $100. This app gets three stars because it’s fun and provides a challenge, but you can’t make a lot of money with it. 

7. InboxDollars 

InboxDollars is an app that gives you cash back for doing certain activities. You can also use InboxDollars to sell your coloring pages.

8. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is an app that gives you cash back for doing certain activities. You can also use Swagbucks to sell your coloring pages. 

9. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel 

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is an app that gives you cash back for doing certain activities. You can also use Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel to sell your coloring pages. 

10. Paribus  

Paribus is an app that helps you get cash back for your online purchases. You can also use Paribus to sell your coloring pages. 

11. Color by Number

It is available for both iOS and Android. You can color images and then sell them to earn money with this app. The app allows you to set your prices for the pictures you color. When someone buys an image, you will receive a percentage of the sale price. 

There are several ways to withdraw your earnings from Color by Number. You can choose to receive a PayPal payment or deposit the money into a bank account.

You must create an account and add some images to color to start. Once you have colored a picture, you can set a price and submit it for sale. Color by Number is a fun way to earn some extra cash and a great way to get creative!

12. Panel App

Panel App is an app that allows you to earn rewards for completing surveys and viewing ads. You can also use the Panel App to sell your coloring pages. 

The Panel App is free on the App Store and Google Play.

13. FineArtAmerica

This app is a large art marketplace with built-in print-by-demand technology. It’s ideal for making some extra money quickly with your pre-colored pages. Many people use this app to provide home decor, transfer on to clothing, and more. It’s a great place to earn some extra money in one’s spare time. 


  • Fee to use
  • Smaller commission than other apps
  • Easy to set up your shop

This app has plenty of customization features for your store, where you can sell your colored pages or even coloring pages you design. You choose how much you want to charge as well. I give this app an 8 out of 10 for cost-effectiveness and features. 

14. Color by Numbers

You can sell your coloring pages on Color By Numbers, a popular Android and iPhone app.

It’s perfect for all ages and helps people reduce stress and participate in a fun and lucrative activity.

This app has different modes for customization with a paint-by-numbers method that is ideal for most ages. It’s easy to use and features a fail-safe to ensure each picture looks great.

There is also a free color mode for those who want to use more creativity when coloring their pages. 

15. Shopkick 

Shopkick is an app that gives you rewards for visiting certain stores. When you walk into one of the supported stores, your phone will automatically detect it and give you several “kicks” that can be redeemed for gift cards or other rewards. You can also earn kicks by scanning specific items in the store or making purchases through the app. 

You can also use Shopkick to sell your coloring pages.

16. Ibotta 

Ibotta is a popular app that gives you cash back for buying certain products. You can also use Ibotta to sell your coloring pages.

There is no specific Ibotta code for coloring pages, but you can try using a general code for art supplies.


  • Various settings for the perfect experience.
  • Plenty of pages and variety. 
  • Easy to use
  • The pictures are fun and exciting. 
  • Choose the free or premium version. 

This app is ideal for all artistic levels and interests. There is a free version with ads and a premium version for $7.99 per week or $19.99 per month and $99 per year.

I give this app a 6 out of 10. 

Top 3 other ways to get paid to color

Aside from apps, there are several other ways to make money coloring physical or digital pages.

1. Find a company looking for people to color their products

The first is to find a company looking for people to color their products. You can search for companies looking for colorists on popular websites like Freelancer.com or Upwork.com.

Once you find a company you’re interested in working for, you can submit a proposal outlining your experience and what you would charge for the project. If the company accepts your submission, you can start working on the project and get paid on completion.

2. Find websites that offer coloring services and charge people for the service

Another way to get paid to color is to find a website online that offers coloring services and charges people for the service. A few websites provide this service, and you can sign up to be a colorist on any of them.

Once you’re signed up, you can start coloring the images uploaded by users and get paid for each one you complete.  

3. Find websites that allow you to color for “free”

Finally, you can find websites online that allow you to color images for free. These websites are usually supported by advertising (ads), so you won’t make any money.

However, it can be a fun way to spend some time coloring, and you may even find some new coloring techniques that you can use. 

Can I make money with coloring books?

Yes, you can!

Coloring books can be created and sold on a platform like Amazon. You’ll earn a commission on each sale when people buy your book.

You can even create and sell individual coloring pages. If you prefer to sell individual coloring pages, you can list them for sale on Etsy. You’ll earn a commission on each sale when people buy your pages. 

Finally, sell directly through your website or a platform like Instagram. Some artists choose to create coloring pages and sell them directly to people through their websites or social media platforms.

Can I sell my finished coloring pages?

Yes! You can upload finished coloring pages to the website to share with others. You can set up a shop on the website if you want to sell your coloring pages. 

Can I teach people to color?

Teaching classes on how to color (coloring skills) is a great way to make money. You can find students of all ages interested in learning how to color. Finally, you can also work as a freelance colorist for businesses or individuals who need help with their coloring projects.

How do I decide what coloring pages to sell?

Getting started selling coloring pages starts with deciding what you want to sell to customers first.

Do you want to sell color by number pages and start making money? Are you interested in selling your finished coloring pages or a coloring book?

Once you determine what types of coloring pages you want to sell, you can begin looking for an app to help you accomplish your goals.

The best way to determine which app works the best is to check out all the previously mentioned options.

There are many different ways to sell those pages on the apps, but considerations must be made regarding the volume of coloring pages you want to sell and whether or not it’s geared for adults or children.

If you aren’t sure what style or type of coloring pages to sell, it helps you choose something that is interesting to you and is commonly found by the general public.

Some examples would be animals, flowers, landscapes, or even food.

Work on something that you enjoy and get creative about the types of pages you would like to offer. If you’re selling coloring pages, be sure and use an eye-catching color scheme and keep your art neat and tidy to ensure it sells well.

Get creative about the types of pages you would like to offer. If you’re selling coloring pages, be sure and use an eye-catching color scheme and keep your art neat and tidy to ensure it sells well.

Once you determine what items you want to sell, if you can, then begin to upload them to your preselected apps.

Experiment with more than one to see which has the best results for your particular pages. Suppose you have a significant amount of items to sell. In that case, you may want to use one of the sales platforms, such as Etsy, Foap, or Fiverr to ensure you get plenty of traffic and viewers who may be interested in making a purchase.

Although most people sell their coloring pages to make extra money, some individuals may even be able to turn it into a second job or a full-time career.

Depending on the apps they use in the volume of high-quality items they sell that appeal to the public.

Final thoughts

If you love to color, there are a few different ways you can get paid to do it!

You can use Foap, Slidejoy, and Panel App to sell your coloring pages, coloring apps that pay you money. Explore and play around with the different options.

You can also find companies looking for colorists on Freelancer and Upwork.

Finally, you can sell your coloring pages directly through your website, Instagram, or Etsy platform.

Whatever option you choose, make sure you are passionate about it to succeed.

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