Top 80+ Office Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy football gives you the chance to compete with colleagues and create connections.

Monday morning water cooler talk, post the weekend results, becomes less about gossip and more about who’s team is scoring and who is winning.

Fantasy Football is a fun way to pick your favorite players and create an office vibe that involves bonding over not just work-related topics!

Great players demand top team names.

We have come up with some creative names for your office fantasy football team to impress colleagues.

What is a good team name for fantasy football?


 A good team name for fantasy football is a name that provides a unique identity.

It will make it easy for people to remember who you are and what you are about.

Your team name should be unique enough that it doesn’t appear on other teams’ rosters but distinguishable enough so people will recognize your team when they see it.

Some examples of good fantasy football team names include:

The X Factor 

Field of Dreams in Fantasy

The League of Shadows

The Dark Knights

Elementary My Dear Watson

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Fantasy Avengers

The Incredibles

The Guardians of the Galaxy

Women Run The World (WRTW)

Boys Club

Bad Girls and Goodfellas

We Have Our League

Only One May Exist

Football League Style

Nothing But Net 

The Huskers 

The Renegades

The Patriots’ Dancers

The Justice League

The Chosen Ones

The Outcasts

The Rejects

The Underdogs

The Little Guys

The Dregs

The Unwanted

The Untouchables

The Unloved

The Forgotten

The Damned

The Disposables

The Expendables

The Lost Boys

The Misbegotten

The Unforgiven

Finding a name that complements your squad’s theme is crucial when developing a new team name.

If your team is about speed, something like “The Fastest Guys in Fantasy” might work well for you and your lineup of agile players who can cover ground quickly and get into position quickly.

Maybe “The Mighty Mites” would be better if your squad is all about strength and power.

Conversely, “The Titans of Fantasy” might be ideal for you if your team consists of strong men who will destroy everything in their path.

What are the clever fantasy football names?


There’s nothing quite like fantasy football, but some confusion is involved. The players’ names are often difficult to remember, and you might not know what they mean. 

Of course, you could use the same name as someone else, but this will make it harder for your opponent to find out who you’re talking about.

To help you out with this problem, here are some clever fantasy football names that you can use on your team. These names are themed around real-life places and people, which makes them easy to remember but still unique enough to be fun.

The Professor

Mr. Smith

The Deacon

The Mayor

The Priest

The Counselor

Miss Congeniality

The Foul King

The Hairy Biker 

The Walrus 

The Ninja

The Pimp 

The Cannon

The Hippo 

Larry David

The Abominable Snowman of the North Pole

The Assassin of Baghdad

The Alpha Wolf

The Antichrist

The Masonic Dragon

The Armadillo of Castleton

The Aztec Jaguar

 Bigfoot of the Bering Strait

 Blues Brothers 

 The Bulldog 

 Cabbage Head 

 The KFC Crew

 The Gronk Gang

 The Big Yikes

 The Dirty Birds

The Green Bay Packers of Fantasy Football (GBPFF)

The Legion of Boom

The Purple People Eaters

The Razzle Dazzle Dazzle Dazzle Bunch of Nerds 

The Damn Yankees

Fantasy Football is a game of imagination and creativity. The clever fantasy football names are the ones that we all want to use. You may want to think of something unique and original for your team name. 

Try to devise a funny or clever name that will make people laugh when they see it on their phone or tablet.

What was the trivia team name in the office?

The Trivia Teams are people who like to play games and have fun together. They meet at least once a week to do some trivia games and other activities like watching movies or playing board games.

They have been playing games since they were little, so they know a lot of games. As well as watching movies with their friends, they enjoy watching TV shows.

I would say that the Trivia Team is very friendly and fun to be around. Everyone likes them because they are always laughing and joking around with each other.

Let’s have a look at these names.

Team Unicorn

Quiz Whizzes

The Know-It-Alls

Trivia Titans


The Brainiacs

The Know-Nothings

The Smarty-Pants

The Wiseguys

The Geeks

The Brain Trust

The Think Tank

The Ideas Factory

The Geniuses

The Masterminds

The Bozos

The Eggheads

The Dummies

The Doofuses

The Dunces

The Ditzes

The Dopes

The Pinheads


 The Trivia Team

The Trivia Trio

The Trivia Quads

The Trivia Quints

The Trivia Quintets

The Trivia Quintettes

The Trivia Quintuplets

The Trivia Quintuplets and a Half!

The Trivia Quintuplet Triplets!

The Trivia Quincey Quintuplets

Trivia team names are the ones that are fun, creative, and memorable. They help you get the buzz, then go out and win. Make your team the best.

The best trivia team names encourage teamwork and strategy, making finding your group quickly during any activity.

In addition, a good name tells people who you are—whether it be your marching band’s unique name or your favorite sports team.

Team names with mike in it

When you have a team, having fun with your name is essential.

The best names start with a nickname. For example, Mike is a popular name, and the titles “Michael” and “Mike” can be combined to make other exciting titles like Micha, Mikey, Michaela, Michal, or maybe even Michaela.

Here are some team names with Mike in it:

The Mikey Five

Mike and the team

Mike’s team

Mike and the team

Mike’s team (unofficial)

Mike’s Bruisers

Mike’s Bunnies

The Mike’s Crew

Mike’s Angels

Mike’s Monsters

Mike’s Army

Mike’s Warriors

Mike’s fans

Mike’s boys of Wooster

Mike’s girls of Wooster

Mike is a great name.

It’s a name you can use almost anywhere and will always be a good choice. In addition, Mike is very popular among parents, which means that it will usually be used by their children as well.

Mike is a traditional name that has been used for a long time; as a result, it will likely never go out of popularity. So if you want to show off your geeky side and make your team stand out from the crowd, then Mike is the way to go!

Team names based on TV shows

 We are all a little bit crazy. Some of us want to watch TV while we’re asleep. So I’ve put together this list of Team Names based on TV Shows.

The Walking Dead

With over 100 episodes, The Walking Dead is a popular television series. This name is perfect for any activity you need to be alive and moving.

The Vampire Diaries

This supernatural show stars Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena Gilbert. It’s about two sisters with supernatural abilities who fall in love with vampire brothers, played by Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. You can use this name for any sport that involves teamwork or cooperation, like basketball or soccer.


This superhero TV series features a young man named Oliver Queen who must team up with one of his best friends from school to fight crime in Star City (the city where he grew up).

You could also use this name for other activities that require teamwork or cooperation, such as baseball or hockey games, or even just simple things like homework assignments.

Summary of office fantasy football team names

We hope that you enjoyed these fantasy football team names! We tried to cover the full spectrum of football fan tastes, from staunch fans of NFL teams to supporters of foreign soccer teams and fans just trying to fit in. 

If you have any other great fantasy football team name suggestions, please share them in the comments below.

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