Mid-Life Crisis Cars (Expertly Selected)

Look, I am in my late 40s now and I have certainly faced a phase or two of what is referred to as a mid-life crisis. There are various research papers and opinions out there in regard to the causes and solutions around the subject. Have a read here if you are curious about the history, its findings and suggestions. 

As for me, I rather speak from my own experience. I picture our whole life as a large highway where society has pretty much given us various roads to embark on. The road of schooling and education leads us to larger highways of jobs and careers. Our roads become larger and fuller with the building of relationships and family as we move along. At some point, however, the fulfilment and the positives of being on those roads inevitably tire you out. 

Your job and career prospects become less interesting, your family role is somewhat less important now your kids are growing up and leaving the nest, you realise that you are certainly not in your 30s anymore and your health is deteriorating and you slowly face the reality that mortality is indeed a real thing. 

What do you do? As for me, I have left my role where I just couldn’t foresee my career going anywhere, in exchange for something more exciting. Others in my situation have done different things like travelling, running marathons or indeed buying material possessions that make them happy. It usually is meant as a joke but cars seemingly do fulfil a mid-life crisis bridge. I guess a car gives you some sense of freedom and status which you can portray to the world. 

If you are in the process of thinking about buying a car to satisfy the urge and make you feel better, you have come to the right place. I have hand-selected and reviewed a range of cars that will hopefully fit your bill and help you through your, well, mid-life crisis. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

What is the most mid-life crisis car?

Well, well, well, that’s a tough question don’t you think? I am sure you already have an answer in your head. I very much hope your answer is in the list below, let’s go through it. 


Yes, who wouldn’t want a slick german manufactured machine that has been the symbol of masculinity and racing for several decades? Not only are the cars well designed and robust but they also come in various styles and sizes in case you are being gently asked by your better half to buy a family-friendly car. 

Our top picks for Porsche would be:

Porsche 911

Mid-Life Crisis Cars (Expertly Selected)
Source: Porsche

Slick, Fast, classic and timeless design, from $106,100 on their website


Mid-Life Crisis Cars (Expertly Selected)
Source: Porsche

The all-electric version with 911-style design and performance, from $86,700


Mid-Life Crisis Cars (Expertly Selected)
Source: Porsche

A family-friendly powerhouse. From $57,000


Whether it reminds you of your younger days or you have seen those cars in famous racing movies there is undeniably an attraction with the old brand which has produced some tremendous vehicles. Let’s see our selection.

Mustang Shelby GT500

Mid-Life Crisis Cars (Expertly Selected)
Source: Ford

This little beauty comes in various engine sizes with the premium full packet ramping 450 bhp. From $79.420 on Ford’s website

Ford GT Mk II

Mid-Life Crisis Cars (Expertly Selected)
Source: Ford

“The most powerful Ford ever”. That should tell you enough. From $500,000 (yes, I know)


Yes, now we are talking! A nice red-coloured shiny car with ear-popping engine sounds is slowly moving down your street. Roof down, sunglasses out, it is a beauty. But which one would we pick?

Ferrari 812 GTS

Source: Ferrari

0-60 mph in below 3 seconds. Limited to only 199 pieces. From: $363,730

Ferrari Portfofino M

Mid-Life Crisis Cars (Expertly Selected)
Source: Ferrari

An elegant 620 horse power spider for your every day drive down the coast. From $231,000


Needless to say this is quite the ultimate toy for any car fanatic. For many an unattainable dream but boy do they look great. I wish I could have driven one. Maybe I will one day.

Lamborghini Aventador

Mid-Life Crisis Cars (Expertly Selected)
Source: Lamborghini

I mean, just look at these refined edges and nasty look. From $500,000

Lamborghini Urus

Mid-Life Crisis Cars (Expertly Selected)
Source: Lamborghini

Spacious and family-friendly beast of a machine. From $220,000


For many the ultimate electric car with plenty of youthful character to lift you out of your mid-life crisis. Futuristic design and technology go hand in hand with our picks. 

Tesla Model S Plaid

Mid-Life Crisis Cars (Expertly Selected)
Source: Tesla

The most luxurious of the Tesla range. Faster to 60 than your Italians above (1.99 seconds). From $127,590


The german manufacturer is a favourite for having a solid and good-looking car no matter what you want to use it for. Our selection goes for the racier versions. 

Audi R8 Spyder

Source: Audi

The V-10 engine roars are a symphony of german manufacturing. From $155,000

Audi RS Q8  

Mid-Life Crisis Cars (Expertly Selected)
Source: Audi

Another beast of a car if you are still family-oriented and need space but in need of some serious acceleration and power under the hood. From $115,000


A US car pioneer and established manufacturer over the years has produced the Corvette since 1953. 


Source: Chevrolet

Bad-ass looking and inspiring evolution of an old classic over decades. From $64,500


Synonymous with unparalelled luxury and power comes this beautifully manufactured car which you will hardly find on your neighbourly streets. Simply breathtaking if you have ever come across one. This is more than a car. Also costs more than your standard vehicle. 

Bugatti Chiron

Mid-Life Crisis Cars (Expertly Selected)
Source: Bugatti

The most powerful car with 1,500 bhp sitting in front of you right there. From $3.3 million


The somewhat lesser-known Italian manufacturer delivers beautifully crafted vehicles for any budget and need. I have to say, probably one of my favourite-looking cars out there given the price. 

Maserati GranTurismo

Mid-Life Crisis Cars (Expertly Selected)
Source: Maserati

Neptune’s trident is staring your right down from the front. What a beauty. From $135,000


The old English craftsmanship is ever so evolving and turns solid engineering into stunningly beautiful cars which are statements of powerful intent. 

Bentley Continental GT
Source: Bentley
The contemporary classic leaves no head unturned. From $202,500

Aston Martin

Who does not want to drive a car which James Bond himself is driving? I certainly do. Beautiful and somewhat understated in my opinion.

Aston Martin DB11

Mid-Life Crisis Cars (Expertly Selected)
Source: Aston Martin

Refiness and understated luxury in power package. From $205,000


In need of a Formula 1 car packaged into a street racer with all the luxury needs and excitements? We got one for you right here.

McLaren 720S Spider
Source: McLaren

Mid-life crisis? What mid-life crisis! From $299,000

What are the six stages of a mid-life crisis?

The well-documented stages of a mid-life crisis are Denial, Anger, Replay, Depression, Withdrawal, and Acceptance. 

Now, I am no expert in the field and I would strongly advise seeing a specialist if you are uncomfortable are in emotional distress. All I can talk to is about my personal experience. So let’s get right to it.

  • Denial: Yes, I do sometimes think I am younger than I am. I haven’t lost my hair but I do have a fair bit of grey hair. I refuse to think younger people think I am old. 
  • Anger: I am not angry (yet). I feel at ease in my age and I feel more balanced. Maybe that’s coming next.
  • Replay: Yes, I do look back on part of my life and think those were great times, carefree and just more fun. I do like to re-live certain parts of that.
  • Depression: Everyone has their up and downs but I would say I am quite upbeat and positive in general. Again, seek help if you feeling negative emotions.
  • Withdrawal: I am less outgoing than I used to be. That’s somewhat natural given that I don’t have the same energy levels as when I was younger. I am not sitting at home gaming or watching boring TV. There is so much more to “older” life. 
  • Acceptance: The ultimate goal in any process is to accept the situation for what it is. I always find energy in the thought that I can not affect many things in life but my attitude, perseverance and healthy habits. 

What drives a mid-life crisis?

As I have stated before, I think the mid-life crisis is a process of realisation. It is finding yourself in a phase after mostly achieving your ambitions of a career and building a family life. As in all things, the feeling of achievement fades away and one is confronted with the task to find alternatives to recreate those feelings. 

It is a very individual process in my opinion and people are therefore prone to act in different ways. Yes, materialistic things like a car, bike or boat help you feel better for a short period of time but I would urge people to see achievements elsewhere. 

Personally, I would find achievement in helping people and pass on my knowledge. That gives me a sense of purpose. 

Is a Porsche mid-life crisis?

It certainly can be. It can, however, also be a car for your family and other purposes. I think historically it has been seen as the “toy” car a middle-aged man would typically buy if he could afford it.

As our list of cars above has highlighted, there are plenty of alternatives to a Porsche. 

Final Thoughts

A mid-life crisis is an individual process many of us men have to go through. It’s re-calibrating our sense of purpose or as the Japanese so eloquently put it in their “Ikigai” word.

We have selected a few nice cars in our research in order to satisfy the more materialistic urge of those who indeed are willing to splash their hard-earned money on a fabulous car. There is enough for everyone hopefully in there to get excited. 

I very much hope this was informative and useful. Mid-life crisis isn’t as bad as feared and I have taken myself as a live example and opened up about my personal experience so far. 

Life is short, it’s exciting and challenging but it always throws up opportunities one can embark on. Enjoy the ryde! 

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