Living in a Commonwealth State (Pros and Cons)

During the colonial period, commonwealth states were mainly political systems.

These systems benefited all citizens. However, up to today, commonwealth states have acted as a republic. 

Key points

  • Living in a commonwealth state means being organized under one government.
  • Commonwealth states have their laws.
  • Leaders are chosen within the state but not all over, like in other countries.

People who live in a commonwealth state enjoy several benefits. On the contrary, living in these states has drawbacks. If you desire to live in one of these areas, check out the pros and cons of living in a commonwealth state.

Furthermore, you’ll learn the differences between a commonwealth and a normal state, the benefits, and why they are known as a commonwealth.

What is a Commonwealth?

A commonwealth is a term used by the four states of the fifty states of the United States. Commonwealth is all about the will of the common good.

When it comes to commonwealth states, it symbolizes that they are under a government with the people’s consent.

What does it mean to live in commonwealth states?

As mentioned earlier, a commonwealth is a group of people living under a single government; usually, living in a commonwealth state means that you are under a political system where power lies in the hands of citizens.

If you are in the United States, you might be living in one of the commonwealth states.

What’s the difference between a normal and a commonwealth state?

A commonwealth and a normal state are not similar. They have aspects that make them stand out. But, on the contrary, they don’t have a huge difference. 

Typically, normal and commonwealth states may appear different from the name’s perspective. But ideally, the differences lie in their state constitutions. For clarity, a normal state is an organized community under one government.

Conversely, a commonwealth is a legal designation for an independent territory or community. For example, among the four states in the U.S.A are Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Massachusetts

These states share the word “commonwealth.” However, this does not make them different from any other normal state.

According to Merriam-Webster, a commonwealth is not different from a regular state. It is just a political unit under the law and supported by people for the common good.

What are the benefits of being in the commonwealth?

Living in a commonwealth has a lot of advantages. Here are some of them.

The commonwealth state elects its leaders

The people elect the governors of each commonwealth state. In commonwealths, elections are essential because they help leaders to get higher positions of power. Anyone who wishes to participate in politics must run on a ticket to be elected.

This act requires them to sign documents confirming their candidacy for a particular office. If a candidate gets in office, they will operate within the restrictions of that position. However, some laws and regulations will govern how they behave. 

An elected official’s post will remain in place until the subsequent election.

Freedom and prosperity

Living in a commonwealth means that you’ll get freedom and prosperity. You will have all the power to make and keep your wealth. However, people get questioned about how they acquired their wealth in some countries. This video explains more.

In others, there are limits to creating wealth. But the good thing about commonwealth is that you can make as much as possible as long as you follow the laws and acquire them legally. In return, this boosts the economy.

People live under a single state

A single state governs people who live in a commonwealth zone. These people can vote for their representatives and contribute to matters affecting their community. The one-state government must likewise uphold the individual liberty protected by the U.S constitution.

Additionally, the state legislature enacts laws that direct how the state operates. These rules control criminal cases, how the police will police a neighbourhood, and how people and businesses behave in the state. 

The state government manages local communities, city development, and taxation in a commonwealth state. A single, organized state government also oversees city services, giving citizens access to garbage collection, roads, and public buildings.

Maximum protection

A commonwealth has laws to protect its citizen. These laws are essential because people have to abide by them. If not, they might make their own rules. The laws govern every activity in that territory, from education to residential property maintenance. 

The better part is that the laws are not against people’s culture. Instead, the government creates these laws depending on a certain type of crime in that area and the types of needs. 

Also, they protect citizens through the laws. This helps in alleviating fear so that people can live their best lives.

No force used

Truly, force is not the solution to change. This is the sole reason why commonwealth states don’t use force. If you use force, you are breaking the law and will face charges. And if anyone tries to demonstrate using force, they get arrested. So the laws are meant to protect citizens against such things. 

Why are some states called the commonwealth?

Commonwealth comprises four states, but there is not much legal distinction between them and normal states. The main difference lies in the names alone.

These states are called commonwealth because they were known as commonwealth while drafting their constitution. In the 17th century, Political philosophers like Thomas Hobbes and John Locke used this term to mean an organized political community.

What are the cons of living in commonwealth states? 

Apart from the benefits of living in a commonwealth state, there are cons to living in these states. Among them are as follows.

Constant regulation of needs

Maintaining a commonwealth is not as easy as many people think. However, keeping the state in place is important so things can run smoothly. 

Also, it is expensive to maintain it. Citizens need to focus on the government systems to remain in place, or the elected leaders will do it on their behalf. Things might turn out negative since they’ll put their interest first. 

Difficult to work under a large number of people

Working for a large group of people can be daunting because of the issue of unifying people. This is because they have conflicting interests. So, they need governance to work efficiently and ensure that people abide by the laws.

Power aids in manipulating the commonwealth and the hungry people

As much as power is essential, it is the root cause of manipulating the state and the hungry people. Leaders can go as far as manipulating it to their interests. 

It is against any group that can tamper with laws to gain power. This is because if people access the laws, they can change them.

It needs constant regulation

A commonwealth state needs constant regulation because if left like that, people might get tired and fail to care about what goes on. 

As a result, the government system becomes corrupt, and the officials act unethically. It can also cause corruption and other unlawful practices such as crime and greed.

People are responsible for their own lives

As much as people have full access to freedom, their lives lie in their own hands. But, as an old phrase states, “with freedom comes responsibility”. In a commonwealth, everyone needs to support themselves. 

The state will not be accountable for your need since you must work to survive. People also need to be responsible for their families and communities. This equals preserving their financial well-being and giving back to the community.

Life is not equal

In a commonwealth, people have different lives because some have advantages over others. For example, the wealthy tend to do well than the needy. Additionally, some people have different opportunities than others.

Some receive more money and have a strong social connection, while others have strong political connections. Some receive better education and property than others. While many people have tried to curb this issue, the fact is that there’s no natural way to prevent this.

The final word

Out of the fifty states in the United States, four of them are commonwealth. 

A single government represents these states with the interest of the common good. However, it is not different from a regular state. It is only the name that makes it unique.

Commonwealth is a great place to live. 

So, if you desire to move to one of these states, you have made the right choice. But, most importantly, you should know the pros and cons of living in a commonwealth state. This will help you prepare for anything.

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