Celebrity Bodyguards Salary (What’s Your Awesome Life Worth?)

Bodyguards play an important role in the lives of celebrities. They are executive agents because they undergo intense training. For this reason, they get handsome salaries as they are always in constant danger of losing their lives.

As much as personal protection is a huge issue, some celebrities hire bodyguards to create a little buzz. 

Key Points

  • Bodyguard’s salary depends on the level of protection.
  • It also depends on the level of training, commitment, and expertise.
  • Base salary does not apply if the client has a high profile because they are at high risk.
Celebrity Bodyguards Salary (What’s your life worth?)

Generally, personal protection is a serious business, so celebrities spend hefty amounts for their safety. But how much is a celebrity bodyguard’s salary? Here’s detailed information.

On top of that, you will know the highest-paid bodyguard, if they earn more, how much celebrities pay for security, and the salary some popular stars spend on bodyguards.

Who is the highest-paid bodyguard?

According to the Times of India, the highest-paid bodyguard is Ravi Singh. He has been a bodyguard for quite some time. Ravi protects an Indian actor, also known as the king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. He earns Rs 2.7 crore annually which equates to roughly $ 340,000 using current exchange rates. 

Ravi Singh is a top-rated bodyguard because he has the expertise needed and works using unique and special tactics to protect his boss from danger. Shah Rukh Khan also trusts him for his loyalty and commitment.

How much do celebrities pay for security?

Celebrities can go as far as paying $ 120,000 for maximum protection. But it all depends on their profile and the extent of threats. For instance, it can cost $ 1.5 million per year for residence security.

On the other hand, travelling security can cost approximately $ 500,000 to protect them around the clock. Additionally, some provide room and board and other expenses like travel. 

Apart from their bodyguards, some celebrities get security from agencies, paying hourly or daily to get protection in public or out of state.

Do bodyguards make good money?

Bodyguards make good money since they put their lives on the line. Bodyguards are always close to the client and cannot entertain anything other than the assigned job. Apart from the lavish lifestyle, they earn a reasonable amount of money. 

However, it depends on the profile. The average bodyguard earns $ 70,000 annually, but they can earn more according to their experience. For instance, personal bodyguards earn between $ 10,001 and $ 237,999 with a median salary of $ 42,816.

How much does Kim Kardashian pay for security?

Kim Kardashian is a very famous celebrity. So before getting her security, she shared bodyguards with her sister Kylie Jenner. But after an attack in 2016, she decided to find her own bodyguards. 

A report from the Naughty Gossip Website highlighted that Kim Kardashian spent 7 million $ a year before the attack. But after the gunpoint in Paris, she spent more than that in a day on efforts to stay safe.

According to a report, Kim says, “I need someone on every edge of my property.” Kim Kardashian pays about $ 100,000 per year. This video expands more on this. Furthermore, Kim Kardashian hired new security to ban her ex-husband from entering her mansion. As of now, the tight security team protects her everywhere she goes.


How much does Beyonce spend on security?

Beyonce is a famous musician who has been in the music industry for a long time. She has worked hard to ensure maximum security for her career, business, and family, especially the three children, Ivy and the twins Sir and Rumi. 

Beyonce is among the celebrities who spend a lot on security. In general, she spends $ 88 million on security.

How much does Salman Khan pay his bodyguard?

Salman Khan is always around media and fans. This is a tough job since he requires total security. So, he pays his bodyguard, Shera, a well-known security agent, about Rs 2 crore ($ 250,000) annually. According to Salman, Shera is loyal, well trained, and offers full security.

How much do the highest-paid bodyguards make?

There are many highest-paid bodyguards. Additionally, they get whooping amounts because of their skills and level of security threat. The highest-paid bodyguards make around $ 145,000 to 200,000. These amounts come down to the level of experience and the techniques used. 

Which celebrity spends the most on security?

The celebrity that spends the most on security is Donald Trump. Donald Trump has secret service protection for life as a former president. Also, the security extends to his children. He spends about $ 120 million annually on security.

Do celebrity bodyguards carry guns?

Celebrity bodyguards carry guns if the job allows it. At some point, they cannot carry or use guns during normal activities. The ones allowed to carry full time must pass a criminal activity background check. Generally, they have guns for maximum safety.

Who is the best bodyguard?

According to reports, the best celebrity bodyguard is Laurence Tureaud. Also known as Mr T, he was a bodyguard in high demand. This is because of his loyalty, commitment, trust, and greatest skills.

Laurence Tureaud did his job with a whole heart and commitment. During his career, he provided security to celebrities, such as Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee. However, the tough bodyguard shot to fame as an actor in The A-Team.

What is the salary of Shahrukh Khan’s bodyguard?

Shahrukh Khan is a superstar who has the biggest fan base. So whenever he steps out, he is surrounded by many people. For this reason, Ravi Sigh, his bodyguard, is always around him. 

Considering the huge fan base, being Khan’s bodyguard is not a walk in the park. For this reason, Ravi Singh gets a salary of RS 2.7 crore annually ($ 340,000)

The Final Word

Celebrity bodyguards’ salary depends on the level of threat and client profile. Every time a celebrity steps out of the door for normal activities or maybe on a red carpet, they need maximum protection. 

This is because their life is always on the line. Therefore, celebrities like Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce spend huge bucks for their safety. Indeed safety equals price.

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