26+ Star Wars License Plate Ideas (I Have Spoken)

Is your registration coming up? Are you brainstorming personalized license plate ideas? Suppose you are a diehard Star Wars fan; it will please you to know there are plenty of ideas that could interest you!

Key points

  • Star Wars license plates have become trendy in the fandom.
  • Your personalized license plate must be easily recognizable to other fans.
  • The best approach would be to choose your favourite character or a popular quote and customize it.
  • Please check with the state for the availability of the name you choose.
  • Join other Star Wars fans on different forums for help with ideas of creating a unique plate.
star wars license plate ideas

This post explores several ideas you can use to get a personalized Star Wars license plate. For instance, you’ll find Mandalorian, stormtrooper, funny, and millennium falcon license plate ideas. Ready? Let’s dig in!

Top Star Wars License plates ideas of personalized license plates

Many Star Wars fans show their love by getting customized license plates. However, getting a unique license plate is not a straightforward affair. You could go for a classic Star Wars quote or something unique. Here are the most popular ideas:

  • 4CB WYU: this translates to force be with you and is possibly the most famous line from the Star Wars franchise. This is an excellent way to show your admiration for the series.
  • XWINGR5: this plate is inspired by Luke Skywalker’s call-sign A-Wing Red Five. If you want to pay tribute to one of the show’s most iconic characters, this is an excellent idea.
  • DROIDS: George Lucas created Droids, a significant part of Star Wars lore. The Droids ended up being some of the most adored characters of the franchise. What is your favourite Droid? C3PO or BB-8? There are no better ways to honour your star.
  • DOIT66: Remember Executive Order 66? It was a crucial moment in the history of Star Wars. This was the order that resulted in the destruction of the Jedi Order.
  • DRTHVDR: Darth Vader is undoubtedly one of the most iconic villains in the series. He is a fan favorite, and having his name on your personalized license plate would be excellent.
  • TUSKAN: The Tusken Raiders are a formidable group of creatures that inhabited Tatooine, the desert planet. Do you identify with the sand people? This is an excellent way to say that!
  • LIGHTSABER: The lightsaber is the Jedi’s and Sith’s weapon. You’d communicate the side of the Force you lean towards with proper lighting and colour.

Mandalorian license plate ideas

There are several Mandalorian license ideas you can use. For instance, there is a personalized GMC vanity license plate you can learn from. The plate number, B4BY0DA, draws its inspiration from Star Wars The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda. You can read this plate as Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda almost broke the internet when The Mandalorian was launched on Disney+. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long before it appeared in vanity plate form. You can tweak the plate to come up with you’re a unique plate. Another variation is the BBY0DA.

Funny Star Wars license plates

Who said you couldn’t make your personalized license plate funny? If you were thinking about using a funny Star Wars license plate, you are not alone. Your fellow Star Wars fans have already done it.

Examples of existing plates you can draw inspiration from are:

  • California VLAD THE IMPALA – on a Chevrolet Impala.
  • May the California FORCE BE With You.
  • California JEDI I AM

Stormtrooper vanity plate ideas

Stormtrooper personalized license plates are trendy. You’ll have to be super creative to find a name that is not already taken. For instance, here are some trendy names already in use:

  • EMP1RE
  • 3MP1R3
  • R3BL SCM
  • TK 421
  • 0 HITS

Millennium falcon license plate ideas

Millenium Falcon is a fictional starship in Star Wars. Nonetheless, it is a legend for many fanatics. As a result, there are many popular millennium falcon license plate ideas. Here are some you can get inspiration from:


Vanity plates ideas

A Star Wars vanity license plate is an excellent idea. For example, a Sith Lord Vader fan in Michigan uses personalized registration LD V8DR vanity license plate.

Another intriguing example you can take inspiration from is the WOOK133 personalized Chevrolet vanity license plate. This plate custom number plate could easily read Wookie, like Star Wars Chewbacca.

You can also get inspiration from the FARFAR Mercedes-Benz vanity plate inspired by Star Wars: FARFAR. What do you think the owner of the Mercedes-Benz was thinking about? Is that he could drive FARFAR in the vehicle, or the fact that the plate was inspired by a film shot in a FAR FAR galaxy!

A personalized Pontiac vanity license plate DRKS1D is another famous example. This plate is registered in Michigan and can be translated to be Dark Side. You can also put on your creativity cap and make variations to this plate, such as D4KSD3. 

Other popular custom plates you can use for inspiration include

  • XWING32
  • SW1977

Star Wars license plate frame

Your personalized Star Wars license plates are incomplete without a license plate frame. The frames allow you to personalize your vehicle’s front and back creatively.

Some factors to consider when choosing a license plate frame are:

  • The technology used to inject the ink into the frame should guarantee that it wouldn’t fade or smudge.
  • It should have a universal size you can readily mount to your car’s front or back.
  • It should be made using top-quality material with a high gloss finish.
  • It should also have HD image quality with sharp graphics and colours.
  • The license plate frame should be 100% waterproof and can endure all weather conditions without fading or rusting.
  • Finally, go for a license plate frame that makes it effortless to install.

You can find these frames from popular eCommerce sites like Amazon and Walmart. It is also essential to ensure that your frame bears a message that syncs with the license plate.

Here are some popular combinations: 

May The California …………….With YouForce Be
Live Free or DieA-Jedi
CaliforniaJEDI I AM
VirginiaSITH LD
TexasDO IT 66
New York…………………….Empire StateMR SNOOPY

Final Thoughts

Personalized license plates are increasingly becoming popular. In this sense, the Star Wars license plates are trendy among the fandom. This popularity has made it very challenging to land an iconic custom plate. You can use the ideas shared in this post to create a custom plate for your vehicle. While at it, ensure your idea is easily recognizable to other fans and be something the character in question would put on their vehicle.

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