150 Great Bank Company Names 

Have you ever read a bank company name and been amazed at how well-thought-out it sounded?

Well, there are multiple factors that you ought to consider when choosing a name for your bank company.

Before someone came up with that name that wowed you, they took some time, and some even sought help from third parties.

Key points

  • Credibility is the most important factor in choosing a bank name.
  • Reputation is everything to a bank.
  • Bank names should be unique and suited to the business.
  • You should follow specific steps to arrive at a proper bank name.
  • Looking at current bank company names will inspire you to choose a suitable name for your bank business.
  • When you find a name, reserve it so that someone else does not use it.
  • There are different types of banks with different functions. Give your business a name that guides the clients on your core functions.

We combed through over 1,000 bank names globally to curate this list of the 150 credible bank company names.

These names will inspire you to create a suitable name for your bank company.

Keep reading to find out more!


How do I name my financial company?

Coming up with a great bank company name is not as straightforward as it sounds.

For example, the name you come up with should:

  • not be similar to the name of another bank business;
  • not sound like a “fad” business;
  • make sense to your potential customers.

Your goal should be to pick a proper and original name for your bank company. Here are some factors to guide you in the name searching process:

Brainstorm your ideas

Take a paper and write down the names that inspire you in the bank niche.

Your idea could be something inspired by the banking sector. Alternatively, you can name the bank after yourself or another person.

You can also create an acronym for your business’s primary bank services.

It is also advisable to consider whether you’ll make the name easy or challenging to spell to avoid misspellings.

Thanks to technology, you can effortlessly access thousands of bank business names.

Short-list your naming ideas

After that, select your bank naming ideas. Ensure you are realistic and go for names that fit well with the bank niche. For example, if you have already registered a domain name for your business, it would help if the name is close to or matches your website’s name.

Here are a few questions to help you in the short-listing process:

  • Can the name be easily read?
  • Can it be easily remembered?
  • Will it differ from other bank businesses?
  • Does the name communicate your bank business’ goals and values?
  • Is it easy to say out loud?
  • Does it avoid common phrases and words?

Get feedback from friends and family

Consider getting feedback from the people you trust. Find out how they react when they hear your proposed name. If they get it, it is an excellent idea. But, if their response is excellent, you might have to modify it.

On the other hand, if they like the name but cannot remember or spell it, that name idea might not be good enough. The purpose of a name is for people to remember.

Check availability

To avoid any challenges in the future, get three great bank company name ideas reserved. You should perform an availability check within your state/country. Moreover, don’t forget to check trademark availability.

Register your bank company domain name

After selecting the best name for your bank company, register that domain name. Doing this will ensure nobody else can use your name.

Bank Company Names

With that in mind, here are 150 bank company names you can get inspiration from:

  • Assurance Financial Holdings
  • Azure Financial Corp.
  • Azure Financial Holdings
  • Bastion Bank
  • Bastion Bank Corp.
  • Bulwark Bank System
  • Central Financial Group
  • Citizens First Bank System
  • Citizens First Credit Union
  • Citizens First Financial
  • Cognate Financial Group
  • Commonwealth Financial Services
  • Crown Bank
  • Diamond Corporation
  • Domestic Bank Inc.
  • Edge Bank Inc.
  • Elite Holding Company
  • Evolution Bancorp
  • Felicity Financial
  • First Guaranty Credit Union
  • Flow Banks
  • Focus Bank system
  • Free Citizen Financial Group
  • Gemstone Holdings Inc.
  • Gold Credit Financial Services
  • Golden Gates Corporation
  • Grand Fortune Trust Corp.
  • Grand Summit Bancshares
  • Grand Summit Bank system
  • Grand Summit Bancorp
  • Jones Bank Corp
  • Kindred Bancorp
  • Life Essence Holding Company
  • Life Tree Trust
  • Miracle Banks
  • Monolith Trust Corp.
  • Nation Credit Union
  • New Corporate Credit Union
  • New National Bank system
  • One Nation Financial Group
  • Origin Bank
  • Primo Bancorp
  • Repose Corporation
  • Soar Credit Union
  • Soul Corporation
  • Springwell Banks
  • Spring Financial
  • Sublime Financial Inc.
  • Sunray Bank System
  • Vitality Banks

Funny Bank Names

  • Archetype Banks Inc.
  • Apex Financial Services
  • Bolt Financial Group
  • Boon Holdings Inc.
  • Caliber Credit Union
  • Capital Financial Holdings
  • Capital Financial Services
  • Capital Trust
  • Citizen Union Bank Group
  • Commonwealth Financial Corp.
  • Cloud Nine Trust Corp.
  • Crest Bank System
  • Elite Bank Corp.
  • Federal Holdings
  • Felicity Bank System
  • Focus Bank System
  • Fountain Trust
  • Free Citizen Bank Corp.
  • Generation Bank system
  • Grand Market Financial Services
  • Green Market Financial Services
  • Green Valley Holdings Inc.
  • High Rise Financial Holdings
  • Generation Financial
  • Groundwork Financial Holdings
  • His Majesty Bank Inc.
  • New Civil Financial Group
  • Obsidian Holdings Inc.
  • Paragon Bancorp
  • Prime Financial Corp.
  • Principle Bank Corp.
  • Private Bancorp
  • Pulse Holding Company
  • Pursuit Trust Corp.
  • Reliance Holdings Inc.
  • Rose Financial
  • Snowflake Financial Group
  • Soar Bank System
  • Sprout Holding Company
  • Wellness Bank Corp

Solid, Credible, Trustworthy Bank Names

  • Apex Bancorp
  • Apex Corporation
  • Cloud Nine Holdings Inc.
  • Core Trust
  • Crown Bank Inc.
  • Champion Bancorp
  • General Banks Inc.
  • Goldcorp Financial Group
  • Life Essence Holdings Inc.
  • New Alliance Bank
  • New Generation Credit Union
  • New Generation Credit Union
  • New Heights Financial
  • New Sense Financial Corp.
  • Omega Financial Services
  • Padlock Bank Inc.
  • Royal Crown Holdings Inc.
  • Solace Bank Group
  • Syndicate Holdings Inc.
  • Velvet Bank Corp.

Unique Bank Names

  • Agnate Banks
  • One Capital Holdings Inc.
  • Apogee Financial Inc.
  • Aspire Financial Inc.
  • Aurora Credit Union
  • Celestial Holdings Inc.
  • Champion Trust Corp.
  • Citizen Service Financial Group
  • Core Financial Corp.
  • Credence Banks
  • Credit Bank Corp.
  • Dominion Bank System
  • Duty Bancshares
  • Elysium Trust Corp.
  • Emblem Holding Company
  • Esteem Trust Corp.
  • Evolution Corporation
  • First Guaranty Holdings
  • Gold Alliance Bank
  • Golden Gates Trust Corp.
  • Grade Holdings
  • Grand Market Bancshares
  • Grand Mutual Financial
  • Grand Spire Bancshares
  • Green Valley Bancshares
  • Life Essence Bank Group
  • Midland Banks Inc.
  • New Alliance Credit Union
  • New Leaf Holdings
  • New Wave Financial Group
  • New Horizon Bank System
  • One Capital Holdings Inc.
  • Ocean Financial Inc.
  • Paradise Banks Inc.
  • Principal Holdings Inc.
  • Private Citizen Holdings Inc.
  • Reliance Holding Company
  • Resolution Financial Holdings
  • Union Credit Union
  • Voyage Credit Union

What’s a bank branch name?

Banks usually have branches at different locations worldwide. In this sense, a bank can have hundreds of branches in one region. Therefore, for the convenience of its customers and administration purposes, banks usually give a specific name to their branches in different localities.

For example:

Bank Name: Midland Bank Inc.

Branch Name: Mangrulpir

Branch Name: Himalaya House

The branch names are usually given based on the name of the area where the bank branch is located. As in our example, the two bank branches are located in Mangrulpir and Himalaya House.

Apart from the Branch Name, the bank branches also have codes that are used for Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), and National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) transactions. The branches also require a Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) code for international transfers.

What are the three functions of a bank?

A typical bank has two primary functions:

  1. Accepting deposits: the bank collects deposits from the public in different forms, including saving, fixed, current, and recurring deposits.
  2. Awarding loans and advances: banks also advance loans to individuals and the business community. They charge higher rates than what they pay on deposits. The different types of bank advances and loans include overdrafts, loans, cash credits, and discounting bills of exchange.  
  3. Secondary functions: banks also perform multiple secondary functions, also called non-banking functions. Some of the agency functions include:
    1. Collection of checks
    2. Funds transfer
    3. Periodic collections and payments
    4. Portfolio management

10 Types of Banks

Different types of banks play different financial functions in managing a county’s financial system. Here are the typical types of banks you can find globally:

  • Central bank: this is the country’s Reserve Bank. Every country must have a central bank to oversee other financial institutions.
  • Cooperative banks: these banks are governed by laws enacted by the government and offer short-term loans to agriculture and related industries.
  • Commercial banks: these banks are owned by the government, state, or private sector. They function on a commercial basis, meaning profit is their primary goal.
  • Regional rural banks are unique commercial banks that usually offer credit to agriculture and the rural economy at reduced rates.
  • Retail banks: these are the banks most people are familiar with. You keep your checking and savings accounts in a retail bank. They focus on the general public as their primary customers.
  • Investment Banks: they help businesses raise capital in financial markets. They help companies to go public or sell debt to investors. Moreover, they offer corporations counsel on mergers and acquisitions.
  • Private banks: these usually offer services exclusively to wealthy clients. Their goal is to help clients manage their wealth, offer tax advice, and establish trusts to avoid taxes when leaving money to their descendants.
  • Credit unions: these are like banks but are not-for-profit organizations owned by their customers.
  • Online banks: these banks operate exclusively online. They don’t have physical branch locations with tellers.
  • Mutual banks: are like credit unions because members own them and not outside investors. They are also only active in one community.      

Final Thoughts

As you can see, naming your bank company is an exciting process. If you follow the tips on this platform, you will have a suitable name for your business. Moreover, you can use the 150 names shared here to get inspiration for your new bank company name.

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