Starbucks Name Tag Ideas (Building Trust)

Starbucks is a well-known brand that has been around for a long time.

People love their quality products and services.

They started taking orders with a request for their names on the cup. For quite some time, it became a necessity.

Key points

  • Starbucks name tags build trust between the company and customers.
  • Customers don’t have to give out their official names only; they can give out nicknames too.
  • Asking names strengthens communication.

But how do you write your name on Starbucks?

Here’s a brief explanation. Furthermore, you’ll know if Starbucks have name tags, the size of their tag, things that make a good name tag, and the need for Starbucks name tags.

How do you write your name at Starbucks?

At first, Starbucks wrote customer names because they received many orders.

Later, they discovered that it made work easier and made them well-known. For this reason, it became a trend. 

You must order a cup of coffee to write your name on Starbucks.

The baristas will note it down and then write it on the cups. This boosts customer relations.

Does Starbucks have name tags?

Starbucks has name tags.

The idea started in 2012 to honor everyone who walked through the door as an individual.

Other than that, baristas began wearing these tags on aprons. 

Since many customers loved to see their names on the cups, it became a culture as they started asking customers for their names and writing them on cups.

This was a plus for Starbucks since it gained popularity.

What makes a good name tag? (Name tag ideas)

A name tag is essential since it aids in proper identification. A good name tag should have the following things:

An adjustable and reliable lanyard

Choose a lanyard to come up with a good name tag. It should hold the tag in position. Select a double-ended lanyard to prevent swiveling. Try out on two or more people of different sizes. 

Readable font size

The font size of a name tag should be visible enough to read. No one wants to strain reading the names of people. For instance, a Starbucks customer might want to address the barista by name but is unable due to the small font size. 

So, applying a readable font is much better. On the same note, ensure that the font works with long names to avoid breakage.

The title

The title is important because you can’t address someone without a title. If it doesn’t have the names, include the job title to help people know who they are. Then, under the name, write the title description.

Multi-colored name tags

Colored name tags are better than black and white. This is because colors create a better picture of things such as logos, different designs, and styles. 

Durable materials

Name tags have been around for a long time. So, you need the ones with the best materials to enhance longevity and save money you would have wasted going to make new ones every time.

Right size

A good name tag should have the right size – not too long, not too short. If they are too big, then names will be invisible, and if they are too large, it might get uncomfortable. So, ensure that the size is in between.

What size is a Starbucks name tag?

Starbucks name tag measures 1 by 3 inches. This is the right size since it fits perfectly well. The names appear well and are visible.

Does Starbucks write your name?

Starbucks writes your name on their cups.

This is a way of building strong customer relationships to ensure you are satisfied. However, they don’t just write the name like that; you need to order a cup of coffee. 

The cup is where your name appears. The baristas will write the name down, and your cup of coffee will arrive with your name on it in a minute.

Why does Starbucks write your name?

Today, Starbucks writes your name because of many reasons. At first, they did it following customer requests. At this point, Starbucks write the name to;

Improve work efficiency

First, they write their names on paper to avoid forgetting or misspelling. This makes work easier because they know who the order is from and wouldn’t make a mistake or mixing orders on a table. 

To increase brand awareness

Another reason why Starbucks writes names is to increase brand awareness

Typically, it stands out easily in a tough market. By writing the name, customers get interested and recommend it to their loved ones. In return, it boosts brand awareness hence maximum profits.

Customers feel a sense of ownership

Writing the names on the cup make customers feel a sense of ownership. They imagine that the cup of coffee belongs to them and no one else. For instance, two couples, Mary and Joel, visit Starbucks for a coffee date. 

Then, they get served coffee with their names; Mary might feel strongly connected with her cup of coffee. She will even keep it safe since she knows it belongs to her.

It is a way of communicating

Writing names of cups is not just fun but communication. For example, baristas in Starbucks ask the names to write on the cups, and customers explain their names and suggest names. They get to know more about their clients.

Why does Starbucks write your name wrong?

Sometimes, Starbucks miswrites names.

However, they don’t do it willingly. A Starbucks spokesman once said they have never asked their baristas to misspell names. 

According to him, writing names on cups is a fun tradition in the customer-employee relationship.

It also boosts interaction between employees and customers. However, it can be difficult since asking for spellings is against the rules. Nonetheless, the mistakes come because they are busy.

To put words on the Starbucks logo, follow these steps.

Get free Starbucks cup decal cut files

The first step is to prepare your free Starbucks cup decal cut files. Then upload the decal cut files to the Cricut design space.

When you upload, it will appear this way. If you don’t know how to upload the file, follow this tutorial. After this, select your preferred design, then hide or delete the rest.

Measure your Starbucks logo and resize the rings

As much as the Starbucks logo is always round, you need to measure and resize the rings. This is because they have different shapes and sizes. Some are round, while others are ovalish.

Therefore, it is vital to measure the height and width. Use the “circle logo” files if the numbers are similar. Use the “oval logo” files if the two numbers are different.

Customize the rings with a text or name

Therefore, put the words you want to use on the blank logo and cut them out. To make the logo visible, zoom in on your design using the plus sign in the bottom left-hand corner of the Design space window.

Then, use the curve button to shape the word into a curve to fit on the logo’s top half. To adjust the letters, use the Letter spacing button.

Cut your vinyl and weed the cut design.

Select a cutting mat, use a good cutting material, and load your fine-point blade into your Cricut machine. After cutting, remove the excess vinyl from your decal using a weeding tool. Next, apply regular transfer tape to the Crafty Lady Logo.

Apply the logo to the cup

Put the Crafty Lady logo vinyl design on the white circle, then put them together. 

The final word

Starbucks name tag ideas are a creative way of boosting productivity, work efficiency, and employee relations.

Today, they also have name tags for their employees and customers. 

As a coffee enthusiast, there are many types of names to include in your cup of coffee. This will inspire you for your very own badge of honor, celebrating your coffee obsession. You can also create your design using the Cricut method.

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