Most Expensive Black Diamond (Unlike No Other)

There are many types of diamonds, and among them are black diamonds. Black diamonds come in different sheds and tints. These beautiful stones cost different prices depending on several factors.

Most Expensive Black Diamond (Unlike No Other)

Key points

  • The most expensive black diamond is one of the biggest diamonds on earth.
  • Black diamonds are rare but valuable.
  • They are popular with collectors and black diamond enthusiasts.

But what is the most expensive black diamond? Here’s everything you need to know. You will also understand what it means, the different types of black diamonds, who own the biggest black diamond, and the most expensive black diamond, among other things.

What is the most expensive black diamond?

So far, Pink Star is the most expensive diamond. Also, it is the largest known diamond weighing 59.6 carats

For a record, it received a Vivid Pink colour grade and sold for a whopping $ 71 million in Hong Kong bidding at Sotheby’s. For this reason, the oval-shaped diamond broke the record for the highest price ever paid.

What are black diamonds?

The black diamond stone is a durable, tough form of natural diamond. The dark colour originates from amorphous carbon and graphite. The minor crystalline precipitates formed to fill the pores and lower levels of metal inclusions

Since they have the natural colouring of the gem, they are 100% real and have become increasingly popular because of their unique stone appearance.

What are the types of black diamonds?

Black diamonds come in different options. However, each contains different features and thus different price tags.

Natural black diamonds

Black diamonds are the “real” black diamonds. The black colour comes from impurities that change the diamond from clear to opaque. This is because amorphous carbon and graphite are present in a polycrystalline diamond

This process occurs during the initial formation of the stone and depends on the number of impurities present.

Treated black diamonds

Treated black diamond stone comes from white diamonds that carry a low value. They have several inclusions. They are the cheapest black diamond available, mostly known as black-coloured diamonds.

Artificial black diamonds

These diamonds are laboratory manufactured; hence not true diamonds. In addition, they are more expensive than treated diamonds due to the technology and cost of treatment.


The last type of black diamond is simulants. They are cubic zirconia and lack real value. Simulants are applicable in costume jewellery. On the contrary, many people claim they are not real, so you need to be careful.

Are back diamonds real or artificial?

Black diamond stones can either be real or artificial!

Many different options are available, and they are untreated stones. But, of course, the diamonds used in the artificial varieties are real. The colouring, however, is not. The price difference between the two is also quite immense.

Who owns the biggest black diamond?

Richard Heart — the founder of cryptocurrency company Hex, owns the world’s largest known cut diamond. This diamond is a rare 555.55-carat black diamond that forms when an asteroid hit Earth many years ago. 

However, some theories claim that it came from space. Heart tweeted: ”I won the worlds world’s largest cut diamond for our #HEXican cultural heritage! Indeed, The rock is considered extremely heavy for a diamond”.

Is the black diamond the most expensive?

Black diamonds are much rarer than colourless diamonds. Therefore, they are less expensive than colourless diamonds. If you are wondering why black diamonds are more affordable than other diamonds. Then it is because of demand.

Are black diamonds worth anything?

As much as black diamonds are less expensive, they are worth it. But this will depend on factors such as the cut, clarity, and the type of diamond. 

Natural black diamonds are the most valuable than artificial varieties. They come in at around $ 5,000 per carat. Black diamond worth also depends on whether it is a heat-treated natural diamond or an untreated natural diamond.  

Natural colour black diamonds cost more than treated black diamonds.

How much are black diamonds worth?

The average cost of a black diamond comes down to whether it is a heat-treated or an untreated natural. 

Typically, treated black diamonds have an average cost of $ 300 per carat. On the other hand, untreated black diamonds have an average cost of $ 3,000 per carat. On the contrary, the price of GIA-certified natural black diamonds ranges from $ 1,500 to $ 3,000 per carat for diamonds weighing 1.00 – 3.00

This means that a 1-carat natural black diamond ring price would range from $ 2,500 to $ 3,000.

Are black diamonds more valuable than white?

In terms of value, black diamonds are more valuable than white diamonds. They are, however, much less expensive than white ones. Although they are rare, they are real and have a higher value for collectors. 

On the flip side, white diamonds are valuable but not as much as black diamonds. So black diamonds are the real deal even if they make jewellery such as rings.

The final word

Black diamonds are beautiful stones with a lot of inclusions

Unlike other types of diamonds, they are more affordable, real and valuable. However, since there are different types of diamonds, they have different prices. The pink star is the most expensive diamond, which weighs 59.6 carats and sold for $ 71 million in Hong Kong in bidding at Sotheby’s

As much as they come in different types and sizes, Richard Heart, – the founder of cryptocurrency company Hex, owns the biggest black diamond. So, it wouldn’t hurt if you added it to your jewellery collection.

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