How to Unread Messages on Instagram

Have you ever regretted reading an Instagram message?

It has happened to us all! You open your Instagram inbox and read several messages from someone you did not want to read.

Suppose you have used Instagram for a while. In that case, you know “Seen just now” tag is displayed beneath the messages delivered and read by the target audience.

This means that whenever the recipient reads a message, the seen tag is what makes the sender know.

So, can you unread a message you have read? How can you ensure that the sender does not know you have read their messages?

Luckily, Instagram allows users to unread a message.

When you mark an Instagram message as unread, you can rest assured that the message will not be mixed up with read and delivered messages.

This post shares ways you can use to “unread” a message on Instagram.

How to read unread messages on Instagram web

Your Instagram primary DM tab contains messages from your family members and close friends.

That means the primary tab is for people close and important to you.

Whenever someone on your Primary list sends you a text, you will get an instant notification. Instagram allows you to tailor the primary tab by adding and removing users.

On the other hand, the general tab contains messages you receive from strangers. This tab ensures you don’t risk mistakenly opening a conversation thread from a stranger.  

However, you can only use the Unread Messages feature if you have a Business or Creator account. Therefore, the first step would be to switch your Instagram account. The steps outlined here apply to both the web and mobile versions.

Switching Instagram account types on the Desktop Version:

Step #1: Log into your Instagram user account and click on the profile picture icon.

Step #2: A drop-down menu appears where you’ll see the Settings option. Click on it.  

Step #3: You will be redirected to the Settings page. Navigate to the left side panel and click on the “Switch to Professional Account” button.

Step #4: Select the account you will switch to. You have two options: Business and Creator. Click on the one you prefer and select the Next button. Keep clicking “Next” until the Category page appears.

Step #5: In the Category section, tick the circle that best describes the industry you are working in. You can also click the Show category on profile option to let your would-be followers know what you are doing. Then, click the “Done” button to finish switching your account.

Switching Instagram account type on the Mobile Instagram App:

Step #1: Click your profile picture icon at the lower right corner of your mobile device screen. This action leads you to the profile page.

Step #2: Click on the three horizontal line icon on your profile page’s upper right-hand corner. The pop-out window will appear similar to the desktop version’s drop-down menu. Click the Settings option.

  • Step #3: Click “Account” on the settings page and scroll down to the Switch to Professional account option.
  • Step #4: Click the Continue button until you reach the Category section. Then click the Done button to answer several questions about what describes you best. Then, the page will load 30 seconds before taking you to the “Are you a Creator” page.
  • Step #5: Afterward, select the account type you wish to switch to, click the circle that best describes you, and click Next. Complete the four steps to switch to a Business or Creator account.

With your account ready, it’s time to look at the main reason why you’ve switched your account in the first place: using the unread messages feature.

Unreading Instagram messages 

The steps mentioned here apply to the Instagram mobile app only.

Step #1: Log into your Instagram account, go to the screen’s upper right corner and select the messenger icon.

Step #2: In the Direct Messages (DMs) section, navigate to the message you want to mark as unread. Once you get it, long press on the Instagram account’s name until a pop-out window appears.

Step #3: You will see Mark as Unread option below the Move to General option. Click on Mark as Unread to mark the thread you’ve selected as unread.

 Other ways to unread Instagram messages

You can not accept the request of the user attempting to send you a message. Instagram allows you to read messages from strangers from the “message requests” section without alerting them that you have read the texts.

Suppose you have already accepted their message request, and it displays the “seen” sign each time you receive a message from them; you can just restrict their use. Instagram has a restrict option, allowing you to restrict other users from sending you messages.    

Final Thoughts 

You no longer have to fret about reading messages from strangers or people you don’t want to know you’ve read their texts. The Unread message functionality is an excellent feature as long as you know how to use it!

Thanks to your knowledge from this post, you can now enjoy your life on Instagram even more!

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