How To Become A Successful Businessman In BitLife

With over 30 different categories of jobs, to become a successful businessman in BitLife is all up to you.

Do you have what it takes to be a successful businessman

If you are looking for tips and tricks to becoming a businessman in BitLife, you have come to the right place. You can even live out your CEO dreams by following a few steps and guidelines I will lay out for you in this article. 

Key Points

  • Becoming a successful businessman requires high character stats. You need to have high smart, health, and happiness stats. 
  • You will need to get a degree in finance. Being eligible for a finance degree is not always easy, but with a few specific steps, you can get that degree.
  • Attending business school is a must. 
  • Fifteen years of experience in a corporate job position will set you up for climbing the corporate ladder. After a few specific promotions, you’ll be able to become a CEO.

With high smarts and good health, anything is possible!

You can make all dreams of success come true in BitLife with just a little knowledge and work. In the rest of this article, I will walk you through the steps to corporate success in BitLife to help you live out your dreams!

How do I start my own business on BitLife?

Currently, there is no way to start a business in BitLife.

BitLife has been working on an Entrepreneur update for the past couple of years. This update will enable you to start and run your own company. 

The company expects the update to come out later in 2022.

There is no specific release date set. In the meantime, you will have to settle for becoming a successful businessman or rising to become a wealthy and powerful CEO.

Can you be a successful businessman in BitLife?


Like in real life, anyone can become a businessman in BitLife with hard work and dedication. At least in BitLife, it takes some informed clicks of a button. 

You will have to work hard in primary and secondary school, get a business-focused degree in University, and pursue higher education at business school. 

Once you finish business school, all you need is a corporate job. With a corporate career, you will officially be a businessman in BitLife. You can now check that off of your BitLife bucket list! 

How do you qualify for BitLife business school?

Not everyone will be able to qualify for business school in BitLife. You will need high smart stats and a degree in finance from University. 

While some characters are born intelligent, others are not. Increasing your smart stats while your character is still young is crucial to your success. 

To increase your smarts in BitLife, do any of the following:

  • Read books.
  • Choose the study harder option in school often.
  • Go to the library every day.
  • Watch a documentary (available when your character is 18+)
  • Join extracurricular activities.
  • Make smart decisions.

If you do not want to spend time increasing your smart stat, rerolling until you get a more intelligent character is the best option. 

Either way, you must avoid activities that may lower your smart meter.

Your choices in BitLife significantly impact all of your statistics. Making a wrong decision will reduce character stats of smartness, health, or happiness. 

Avoid these activities to keep your intelligence high:

  • Taking drugs.
  • Visiting the witch doctor. 
  • Bribing college officials.

How do I join BitLife business school?

After graduating high school in BitLife, you will have the option to pursue a University degree. To become a businessman in BitLife, you will need a finance degree from University first before you can attend business school. 

When it is time to choose a degree, finance may not be an option. Your options will depend on your time in high school and early life. 

If finance is not an option, restart the game. Try again until you work hard enough at raising your education levels to get the finance option.  

If you have to restart until the option is available, keep an eye on your parents’ jobs. You have a better chance of getting a finance degree if your parents work finance-related jobs. 

After getting a finance degree, you can pursue higher education or head into the job sector. Click on pursuing higher education to start business school.

Business school tuition in BitLife

Sadly tuition at business school is not free. Like in real life, you will have to pay for your education. 

You can choose to pay with any of the following options:

  • Taking out a student loan. 
  • Applying for a scholarship.
  • Asking for help from dear old mom and dad. 

Taking out a loan will cause you to have some debt. However, you are starting your track to becoming a wealthy businessman or even a CEO, so paying back that loan should be no problem for you! 

A scholarship is a good option to avoid unnecessary debt later in life.

You will have better luck getting a scholarship if you maintain a good relationship with your parents. Extracurricular activities and high smart stats will also help you get a scholarship. 

If you want to ask for help from your parents, you will also need to maintain a good relationship with them for that as well. Make sure to spend time with them while you are growing up. Going to the movies is always a good idea to increase your relationship with them.

After choosing how to pay for tuition, you will be all set to become a BitLife business school student and graduate! 

How do I become a CEO in BitLife 2022/23?

Now that you are a successful businessman with a degree, why not keep climbing that corporate ladder up to CEO? 

Becoming a CEO is relatively easy but requires some time and specific steps. You will need to ensure your character is in good health and able to live through the subsequent few phases, as they will take a few years. 

How to take care of your health in BitLife

Becoming a CEO will take some time, and ensuring that you have good health is essential. Take time to head to the gym and watch your health meter.

Here are some suggestions to keep your health stats looking good:

See a doctor. Your health stats can still drop if you have not been diagnosed with anything. Seeing an alternative doctor, such as a chiropractor, will help raise your health. 

Go to the gym.

Avoid drugs and bad diets. 

Taking care of your health will help you live longer and be more successful! You will also need to ensure that your happiness stats are high while trying to climb the corporate ladder. 

Caring for your happiness in BitLife

Happiness is crucial to your success in becoming a CEO. Having low happiness statistics in BitLife is a bad thing. Your character might get fired if they have lower happiness. 

To raise your happiness meter, try any of the following:

  • Take a vacation.
  • Spend time with people you love.
  • See a movie. 

You are now on track to become a CEO with high smarts, health, and happiness stats. After you achieve your degree in finance and pursue higher education at business school, you are almost ready. Now you need work experience.  

How to get promotions in BitLife

When applying for a job, make sure that you choose one that has “corporate” attached to the title. Anyone with that will do. 

You will need to spend 15 years working hard at that job. After working hard for those 15 years, you will need to search for the job position of Assistant Vice President. Apply to that position to start the upward track to CEO. Here are the jobs you will complete in order:

  • Vice President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Managing Director
  • CEO

Check out this video to see how this plays out in real-time gameplay!

You might have to quit your current job to apply for the Assistant Vice President position. Leaving your current job may feel like a risk. No risks, no gain. Yet if you continue to keep your character’s health and smart stats high, you will have no problem getting that job. 

How much does a CEO make in BitLife?

A CEO in BitLife makes over $190,955. This annual salary is significantly higher than other careers. When you start on the CEO path, say, as a Junior Internal Auditor, you can expect to make around $56,000. 

There is no doubt about it. You’ll be able to live a life of luxury you’ve always wanted as a CEO. 

Final Thoughts

You can quickly become a successful businessman by maintaining high, smart and healthy stats, staying happy, getting a finance degree, going to business school, and paying your dues by putting in 15 years of hard work in a lower corporate job. 

Becoming a BitLife businessman or CEO is easy, so why wait? Start your CEO life today! 

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