70+ Good Names For a Butler 

Imagine getting a job to make your idol feel special!

That’s what a butler does.

You might think their designation is to simply speak politely, receive you, and use fancy-sounding words without feeling awkward and ineffective.

Who, then, is a butler? 


‘Butler’ comes from the old French ‘botellier.’

In those days, a servant was responsible for the King’s wine bottles. 

The King’s Wine Bottles (Impressionist)

Wine and other beverages formed a considerable percentage of the household assets. In addition, a butler was made chief steward of the household making his position very crucial.

I used to wonder how the butlers acquired the butlering skills in those ancient days. 

Enslaved people were pioneers in butlering in ancient medieval times. These enslaved folks took care of earthenware vessels used to store wines. 

The earthenware vessels later evolved into wooden vessels and current glassware bottles. The nature of the slave-master relationship was total submission, respect, and obedience to the master. 

Some were ‘cupbearers,’ like in ancient Hebrew, to ensure their master’s wine was not laced with poison. Hence, the butlering skill was intuitive and crafted from utmost fear for the master. 

The sons of enslaved people who became free now took up the role of butlering from their fathers, who later passed on the button to their sons (hereditary-based class lines/ inheritance of trades). 

You would find butlers in many British households where they held high positions. They oversaw the daily duties of servants, cooks, and maids. In addition, folks used butlers to assess the wealth of a family. 

Less wealthy families had a nanny or a maid, but wealthier households had at least one butler. Large properties like royal families had many servants; their head of staff was the butler.

How Butlers Dress

There was a specific uniform for butlers.

The master would aim to make the butler smart enough but distinguishable from formally-attired guests.

The master achieved this by purposefully dressing his butler in incorrect combinations.

For instance, an evening dress coat in the middle of the day with a long tie rather than a proper bow tie. The uniform typically comprised the coat with guilt buttons at the front and tail and a waistcoat.


It was common in those days to provide the butler with a livery that resembled those of lawyers or court officials.

You would find them in ruffed shirts. The whole idea was to make him stand out.

Remember ‘The butler’ movie that starred Forest Whitaker?

What do modern Butlers wear?

The dressing of the butler depends on the wishes of their employer.

Some employers might ask their butlers to wear the morning suit, while other employers prefer casual wear.

Whatever the choice, the aim is to make the butler stand out and distinguished from guests and family.

The butler’s attire helps make a good impression while showcasing the butler’s expertise.

What is the name of a lady butler? 

In the age of sensitization against discrimination, gender-based job discrimination is no exception. So yes, ladies can also be butlers. 

In 2004, Buckingham Palace announced that it was actively recruiting females for the butler position.

An employer who feels comfortable with a female butler (especially middle eastern clients) can assign her many roles. These duties provide many exciting opportunities for the female butler who desires to advance in her career. 

An International Household Staff Agency says that the role of a female butler is to anticipate the household’s needs. Apart from that, they are required to oversee the care of silverware, and fine china, among others. 

In addition, you will find them supervising the cooks and cleaners in the household to ensure the food service, menu planning, and even the laying of flowers are meticulously done.   

Some in large households will take up valet, household budgeting and ordering, and personal assistant roles. For example, if the principal needs a hotel or flight booking, he will ask the female butler.

Is butler a Viking name? 

What is a Viking?

When you mention the name Viking, pirates and raiders come to mind.

Pirates and traders from ancient Scandinavia were notorious for raiding and pirating. 

They settled in many parts of northwestern Europe in the 8th-11th centuries.

The modern name given to these pirates and traders is Vikings.

How did Butler end up being a Viking name?

In the Ballin temple in 1194, the first chief butler, Theobald Walter, was an official entitled to hold 10% of Ireland’s wine cargo docking. 

Theobald Walter was a member of the clan referred to as “the butlers of Ballin Temple, ” a descendant of the Vikings (Or Norse Men) from Normandy. England in 1189. 

Why are butlers named Sebastian?

When you find a butler named Sebastian, it is not just random or a coincidence. It is a result of the great legacy of the anime ‘Heidi, Girl of the Alps, which aired in the 70s. 

What do butlers call their female masters? 

Between 1901 and 1910, the Edwardian Era was a time of technological and social change. It was also an era of great inequality. Everyone knew their place. Nevertheless, the privilege of the rich was made possible by their servants’ labor, and the class convention was still rigid.  

Servants could not give their opinions to their masters and would not salute their masters unless the master saluted them. 

The butler addressed their masters as ‘Sir’ and Mistress as ‘My lady.’ He was to address the eldest son as Mister Jonathan (if he is called Jonathan) and the youngest son as ‘master.’

The master addressed his butler as ‘Mr’ and the housekeeper as ‘Missus’ regardless of her marital status. 

On the other hand, the butler addressed any corresponding third party as ‘sir’ and ‘lady’ for male and female, respectively.

The butler addressed the guests by their title and family name or as ‘sir’ or ‘madam.’

Good Names for a Butler

There are a variety of names that butlers hold. 

Here are some of the cool butler names suggested by the (source: our butler’s name’s generator):

Abner Mulliner- Abner (Hebrew Origin), which means ‘God is my light,’ Mulliner ( Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning, ‘one who worked at the miller.”

Albus Bailey: Albus (Latin), which means ‘white.’ Bailey (English origin) means ‘agent of the law.’

Alice Campion- Alice (German origin) meaning ‘noble.’ Campion (Old French) means ‘champion, woodland flower.’ 

Benson DuBois: Benson (English origin), meaning “Son of Ben,” and DuBois (French origin), meaning “Woodcutter.”

Charles Carlson: Charles (French-German origin), meaning “Free Man,” and Carlson (Scandinavian origin), which means “Son of Carl.”

Cornelius Seales- Cornelius (Latin word “cornu’) means ‘horn.’ Seales (English ‘Seals’), which means “the quality of being devoted.”

Darby Cater: Darby (Irish origin) means “free from envy, or, from the deer estate.” Cater (Old French ‘ale catour’) means “a buyer of groceries for the gentleman’s house.”

Edwin Jarvis: Edwin (Old English origin) means “Rich Friend.” Jarvis (German origin) means “Servant of the Spear.”

Edmund Blackadder: Edmund (Old English origin) means “Protector of Riches,” and Blackadder (English origin), which means “Running Water.”

Heather Abbott- Heather (British origin) means “Evergreen flowering plant.” Abbot (Old English origin ‘abbod’ or Old French ‘abet’), meaning “Abbot” or “priest.”

Jeanette Glover: Jeanette (Hebrew origin) means “God is gracious.” Glover (English origin) means “a maker or seller of gloves.”

Lynn Belvedere: Lynn (Welsh origin), which means “Shining Light” in Arakan land, and Belvedere (Italian origin), which means “Beautiful View.”

Lurch (old french origin) means “Bowman or Archer.”

Marion Brewster- Marion (French origin), meaning “star of the sea” or “beloved.” Brewster (from Old English brēowan ‘to brew’) means “occupational name for a brewer of beer.’ 

 Max von Mayerling- Max (German origin), which means “The Greatest,” von (German origin), which means “Sons of,” and Mayerling.

Nadine Chamberlain- (French origin name ‘Nadia’) meaning “showerer of blessings.” Chamberlain (Middle English origin) means “chief officer of the household.” 

Stephano- (Italian origin), which means “Crown.”

Wadsworth- is a surname derived from a place called Wadsworth.

Abraham- (Hebrew name), meaning ‘father of many.’

Brandt- (German origin) is a topographic name for someone who lives in an area cleared by fire.

Here are some good butler names, British from the British households

Abbington (English Origin) means “Estate associated with a man named Abba.”

Alfred (Anglo-Saxon origin), where alf means “Elf” and red means “Counsel.”

Archibald (German origin) where arch means “Genuine” and bald means “Bold.”

Baldrick (English origin), where bald means “Bold” and rick derived from rice means “Power.”

Baldwin (German-Anglo Saxon origin) means “Brave, Bold Friend.”

Caldwell (English-Scottish-Irish origin) means “Cold Stream.”

Carlton (English origin) means “Common Man.”

Claude (French origin) is derived from the Latin Claudius, meaning “Limping.”

Dalton (English origin) means “The Settlement in the Valley.”

Darby (English origin), is derived from Derby’s city.

Elliot (English origin) means “The Lord is My God.”

Frederick (German origin), where Fred means “Peace,” rick derived from rice means “Power.”

Gerard (German origin), where ger means “Spear” and is derived from hard, means “Strong.”

Gideon (Hebrew origin) means “Great Warrior.”

Godfrey (French origin), where god means “Good” and frey derived from Fred, means “Peace.”

Harold (English origin) means “Army Brightness.”

Henry (French origin) means “Ruler of the Home.”

Kingsley (Anglo-Saxon origin) means “From the King’s Meadow.”

Nathaniel (Hebrew origin) means “Gift of God.”

Norton (English origin) means “North Town.”

Orson (English origin) means “Bear Cub.”

Remington (English origin) means “From the Ridge Town.”

Here is a list of butlers with hilarious and spooky names:

Alaric- (German origin) means “Everyone’s Ruler.”

Barnabas- (Greek origin) means “Son of Encouragement.”

Beelzebub-(Hebrew origin) means “Satan.”

Casper- (Chaldean origin) means “Treasurer.”

Damien- (Greek origin) means “Powerful Man of the People.”

Fester- (German origin), which is a short form of the name Silvester.

Hades- (Greek origin) means “Sightless.”

Lucifer- (Latin origin) means “Light-Bringer.”

Norman- (English origin) means “North Man.”

Poe- (English origin) means “Peacock.”

Vlad- (Russian origin) means “Of Greater Power.”

Xander- (Greek origin) means “Defender of the People.”

Here’s a list of some fictional butlers over time;

Agni- servant/butler to Prince Soma in the manga Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

Alfred Pennyworth, a butler in Batman

Agador Spartacus- butler in The Birdcage

Andrew- a butler in the film Overboard

Brian Albume- A faithful valet to Quadruple Professor Adonis Cnut (Rik Mayall) of the ITV TV series ‘Believe Nothing.’

Claude Faustus- a butler for Alois Tracy of the Tracy Household in Kuroshitsuji II

Charles Carson- a butler in Downton Abbey

Click- a butler to the avatar in Rune Factory 4

Codsworth- robotic butler to the Sole Survivor in Fallout 4

Domovoi Butler- a butler Artemis Fowl

Hein- Geese Howard’s butler in The King of Fighters XIV

Jakob- the avatar’s butler in Fire Emblem Fates

Riff Raff- a butler The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Sebastian Michaelis- butler in Black Butler

Septimus Spratt- butler to Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham, in the ITV series Downton Abbey

Smells- a steward for the player in Titanic: Adventure Out of Time


Butlers have been there since ancient times and will continue to play a key role in shaping the hospitality industry.

I hope this article has enlightened you!

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