How Much Could Jeff Bezos give Every Person?

According to Forbes’ Real-Time Billionaires List, Jeff Bezos’ net worth is $ 160.6 billion, making him the third-richest person globally.

Bloomberg billionaires index has him as the world’s second richest person. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is currently the richest man, while Bernard Arnault & Family occupies the second spot.

So, if Bezos was to share his fortune with everyone on the planet, would he go broke?

Key points

  • Bezos is one of the wealthiest persons globally. 
  • He has enough to share with everyone living in the world. 
  • Fortunately, he is among the Top Givers globally, meaning he shares his wealth with others. 

There has been a fascinating debate concerning the Amazon founder’s wealth on the internet. For instance, how much can he give each American? Who does he give his money to? And whether he has enough money to give every person on the planet. Please keep reading this article to discover interesting facts on this issue!

Could Jeff Bezos give Everyone Alive 1 Billion Dollars?
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How much money could Jeff Bezos give every person on earth?

Who is Bezos? He is the founder of and owns Washington Post. Additionally, he owns Blue Origin, an aerospace company. The U.S. Census Bureau projects the world population to be about 7.8 billion.

Someone on Instagram tried to do the math, and this is what they said:

“If Bezos has 200 billion dollars, and there are 7 billion people on earth, why can’t we each get a billion and (he’d) be left with 193 billion dollars(sic)?” – Instagram Posts. 

Is that true?

As mentioned earlier, Bezos’ net worth was $ 160.6 billion at the time of writing this post. When you do the math, Bezos could give everyone in the world $ 20.58. Meaning he would also remain with 20.58 USD because he is part of the 7.8 billion people. 

Therefore, that Instagram post got its math wrong.

Bezos would have to have 7.8 billion x 1 billion USD, which is 7.8 quintillion USD, to give everyone in the world a billion dollars. There is no one that rich at the moment!

How much money could Jeff Bezos give all Americans?

If you narrow down the list of Bezos’ fortune to Americans only, it gets even more interesting! The U.S. Census Bureau approximates there are around 330 million Americans. Therefore, each American would receive about $ 486.67 when you do the math. 

Besides that, Bezos’ fortune can also end hunger in America seven times! Hunger Free America once claimed in a report that the U.S. government needs $ 25 billion to end the hunger issue. This is something Bezos can offer seven times!

However, even as you think about that, remember that Bezos does not have the 160.6 billion dollars in his account. Most of it is in assets such as the Amazon stock, which he would have to liquidate over time. Also, as a primary owner, there are restrictions on how much he would sell quickly. 

Also, his sales would drag the prices down, meaning all his shares would not sell at the current price. Moreover, much of his assets are in other forms of non-liquid asset classes. 

How much richer is Jeff Bezos than the average American?

The New Post reported that when Bezos stepped down as Amazon CEO, he could take home about $ 197 billion. On the other hand, Business Insider reported that the median net worth of an average American aged 65 is $ 266,400, citing data from the Federal Reserve.

With that in mind, Bezos’ wealth is 739,489 times richer than an average American. Amazon claimed ‌Bezos would step down as CEO and assume the role of Executive Chairperson. He would then turn his attention to Bezos Earth Fund and his Blue Origin company.   

Who is Jeff Bezos giving his money to?

Billionaires are known for their generosity. In this sense, many people ask, who is Bezos giving his money to? Can Bezos donate? Most of Bezos’ philanthropy activities are as gifts of Amazon shares to nonprofits. The receiving nonprofits can sell the shares without paying capital gains taxes. 

Since the beginning of 2022, Bezos has donated 84,030 Amazon shares worth 233 million U.S. dollars to unnamed nonprofits. One nonprofit organization that has received donations from Amazon is Barack Obama’s Foundation, which received $ 100 million. 

Therefore, Bezos mostly gives his money to nonprofits. Forbes recently included him on the list of top givers on the planet. However, his ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott, is outshining him in giving. So far, she has donated $ 12.5 billion compared to Bezos’ $ 2.4 billion. 

How do I ask Jeff Bezos for money?

You can get help by emailing Bezos at or email him at, where he or his Executive Team can help you. Bezos also makes his personal email address public which you can use to contact him. 

He is human, and I believe he would be willing to help. However, you need a proper reason ‌why he should help you! To know more about how he goes about helping people follow him on Facebook, interact with him on Twitter and tweet proposals to him and ask for support. Because he is a rich businessman, you could ask him to invest some millions in your venture or ask him for a loan. However, your presentation should be convincing for him to support it. 

First, you figure out why it’s in his interests to listen to the request at all and why you think he should think this is a good loan idea that, nonetheless, no bank or other traditional lender seemingly will touch (because if a bank would, why are you bugging Jeff Bezos?). – said Mathew Daneman, Reporter of pay-TV and satellite news, devourer of popular culture. 

Here is an excellent proposal: 

  • Research part of his business and device a way of doing it more efficiently. 
  • Get copyright or patent for the invention before you present it. 
  • Bezos and his team embrace better ways of doing business. If the team likes your idea, they’ll pay for it fast!

Final thoughts

When you Google the name Bezos, you’ll get several interesting results and related searches. One popular question many are asking is how much Bezos could give everyone globally if he were to share his wealth. 

We’ve discovered that Bezos could give everyone in the world $ 20.58 based on his current wealth.

However, instead of sitting there fantasizing about how much cash you can receive from the Amazon founder, you can develop a business proposal and share it with him. Go for it!

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