7+ Ways to Get Paid to Talk to Lonely People

Did you know loneliness has become an epidemic, worse than the global Coronavirus pandemic? 

The Harvard Edu report says, “36% of all Americans—including 61% of young adults and 51% of mothers with young children—feel ‘serious loneliness.'”

When entrepreneurial folks realized this could be a business opportunity, they created platforms for lonely people to meet other folks virtually and physically. However, this was not for free. The lonely person had to part with some bucks. 

Loneliness is the cause of an array of physical and mental problems like depression, anxiety, heart attack, and domestic and substance abuse. So if parting with a few bucks to avoid depression is the solution, then one would say, ‘why not?’

The vigorous technological advancement that has taken place has bombarded folks with an awful lot of work even after work hours, leaving no time to socialize and make friends. 

You could be having friends, but they seem to be distant because, again, everyone is busy hassling.

Therefore, meeting the needs of lonely people can now provide an avenue for getting premium cash. I endeavour to explore ways to earn an extra buck for talking to friendless folks. So, keep it here till the end!

What is a virtual friend?

Urban dictionary describes a Virtual friend as a “friend that you never see, never talk to, possibly never meet, but happy to email or chat to only.” 

You meet over the internet through the sites we will discuss in a short while, with no in-person meetings unless both parties choose to.

How do I get paid to talk to someone lonely?

The rule of thumb for businesses is to pay for services provided. Therefore, they pay you to meet the needs of lonely people.

The needs of lonely folks can range from a need for companionship, and therapy, to and desire to fulfil fantasies. Some sites and companies can pay you to meet those mentioned above, with many more sites paying for the latter. 

How do I get started?

Identify the company or the site for which you will want to work. For example, you could decide to start your chat service; there is nothing wrong with that.

To get started, you will require a PC or a laptop. A phone can still do if the conversation mode is texting and making phone conversations. The items you choose will depend entirely on the website or company you join.

In case you are wondering, no one will see your details; even the username you chose is not your real name.

After conversing with your client, the company or site pays you. For example, they could pay you through Paypal, direct deposits, and checks, to mention but a few. 

How does getting paid to talk to lonely people work?

We categorize lonely folks into two groups; those seeking companionship and the elderly. 

Do you want to talk to any of these groups? The following sites will give you access to meeting them.

Best platonic sites that pay you to provide companionship

Here are some sites for you if you like to talk to lonely peeps but do not want to engage in explicit, adult-oriented conversations. 

These sites expressly forbid people to engage in romantic and sexual innuendos. However, included below are also some that are not strict.

1. Rent a Friend

What it is: As the name suggests, this site pays you to meet with the client in person. Therefore, you register as a friend for rent where clients book you for a tête-à-tête, a date, or social activity.

Folks use Rent a friend for other activities like finding snowboarding buddies, making friends with the disabled, or finding a friend to teach you a new hobby, among others. 

Risks: There are risks of clients being two-faced, just like in many other online websites. However, your clients have to pay upfront before contacting you. You can also talk or chat with the person you intend to meet to assess them.

Pay: Once the client contacts you to set the date, time, venue, activity, and price, you have the leeway to negotiate all these details

Your pay will depend on whether you work part-time or full-time. Some have earned up to $2,000 a week working full-time. Those working on the weekends can make $300 to $500. You can check their estimated income chart to decide whether it’s the thing for you.

Rent a friend allows you to charge between $20 or $50 per hour, depending on the task you do as a friend, and you get to keep 100% of the proceeds. In addition, the site makes money by charging a monthly subscription fee to its members.

Reviews and Ratings: Paid from Survey rates Rent a Friend at 2.5 stars out of 5, which means folks have a love-sceptical relationship with this App. Unfortunately, the App does not have a place to leave reviews, just feedback.

2. FriendPC

What it is: FriendPC is one site appealing to the eyes and most flexible. On it, you can sign in not only as a virtual friend but also as a life coach and companion. Your duty will be to provide companionship. 

Friend PC is crystal clear that it’s not for dating or romantic attachments. They also say you have a right to block whoever you think is acting inappropriately. 

How do you become a virtual friend on FriendPc? First, please enter your credentials to register with them as a friend PC. Then, the listing requires you to fill in your details like your hobbies/interests, availability, a preferred method of communication, and your chosen rates.

You can also offer in-person services, like attending events with people, seeing movies, etc., but this is entirely up to you. 

Risk: FriendPC is one site that does not entertain non-platonic conversation, but with the “virtual girlfriend” option, most people might take advantage and be explicit.

Friend PC defines ‘girlfriend services’ as you playing the role of a girlfriend to deceive a third party.  

While they define those as platonically roleplaying someone’s girlfriend to deceive a third party, some people may get the wrong idea.

One Reddit user said, “you may need to pay to offer the services on Friend PC .”If it’s true, that can be such a bummer.

Pay: You can set rates as low as $6 to $200 per hour. Fees are publicly displayed for lonely folks to make their pick.

Reviews and Ratings: Most people criticize the use of such websites as Friend PC. Although there are no official ratings on the internet, the word out here is that Friend PC is safe.

3. Texting Factory

What it is: Texting Factory platform will require you to have the ability to converse with clients through texts on various topics. Since it is a fantasy-based network, the topic will depend on the client’s needs. For example, some clients may want to discuss their relationships, life issues, and anything they feel.

Texting factory does not divulge your personal information to the public. Texting factories do not allow calling or video chats, so your identity is well concealed.

Risks: The site does not put a caveat that it is platonic. So if you don’t like to engage in adult-rated conversations, this may not be your site. 

Pay: You can earn $300 to $ 400 per week

Reviews and Ratings: Trust Pilot rates Texting factory at 2 stars out of 5. It is important to check reviews before signing in to work for them.  

4. Live World

What it is: Live World is one website that pays you to talk to people without having an adult theme. If interested, they can hire you to act as an online chat operator. 

Your work is to respond to customer inquiries on the brand working with the company. Visit their website, fill in the application form, and get started.

Risks: Unfortunately, there is no job stability. Some folks on Indeed who have worked with them say they Live World terminated their work without notice.

Pay: According to Glassdoor, if Live World hires you as a social media Moderator, you could earn $22 to $25 per hour. An agent can earn up to $58 per hour. 

Ratings and reviews: Indeed.com gives Live World a 3.1 out of 5 stars. As much as many folks agree that the pay is low, they also applaud the excellent mature company culture they uphold.

5. Freelancer

What it is: Freelancer is one site that connects you to clients who need any service, which includes getting a ‘virtual friend .’ Sign in to get started. Then, you will specify the service you offer, and Freelancer will connect you with people looking for that connection. 

The good thing with Freelancer is that you can state that from the onset if you are not into explicit chatting.

Risk: Like any other online site, you cannot control your client’s intentions. So you ought to be careful and look for anything fishy from your client.

Pay: Freelancer does not set the rates. You will agree with the client on your hourly rate

Reviews and ratings: According to Site Jabber, Freelancer rates at 4.65 out of 5 stars and calls it the “best site in Freelancing.” However, the purpose of Freelancer was to connect graphic designers, and content creators, among others, to the relevant clientele but not lonely people to virtual friends

6. Phrendly

What it is: Phrendly is another site that pays you to chat with lonely people. They will connect you to lonely adults around the globe. It is known not to tolerate explicit content; however, you can still chat with people at an adult level. 

Adult content does not have to be explicit. Right? People would like to have mature conversations on relationships and life in general. Phrendly encourages that.

Risk: Phrendly, like many sites, is not devoid of risks. For example, Phrendly does not do background checks on its members. Therefore, you will always need to take precautions if you decide to meet a client. 

Pay: Phrendly offers various ways for you to earn. You can earn through chats, phone calls, videos, and gifts. Chats have a flat rate of $0.35 per chat. To earn from video calls, the person who initiated it will ‘offer you a drink for $10.

Reviews and ratings: The general feeling out here is that Phrendly is reliable. Before you start working with them, check out people’s recommendations to be safe.

7. Fiverr

What it is: I know you know about the Fiverr freelance marketplace, but are you familiar with Fiverr Friendship? Fiverr friendship allows you to work as a virtual friend, connecting you to many users of Fiverr around the World. So sign in and list your service together with your rates. 

To become appealing to clients, create a strong profile that makes your personality shine through. For example, a strong profile as a ‘companionship provider’ or a ‘virtual friend’ can attract gigs that pay more.

Pay: When Fiverr started, they used to charge Five dollars, hence the name Fiverr. Now you can earn up to $995. You are the one to set the price depending on the task. 

Fiverr will take 20% of the amount paid. You can specify what services you include: providing advice to those feeling lonely or lending a listening ear to those who are lonely.

Reviews and ratings: Trust pilot rates Fiverr at 3.9 rating out of 5 stars, but received a consumer rating on Sitejabber of 1.29 ratings out of 5 stars.

Sitejabber expressed that “customers are mostly dissatisfied with their purchase,” and “this site typically does not respond to reviews.” 

Best site that pays you to meet the Elderly

7. Papa

What is it about: Are you the type wanting to impact society while earning money? Then, Papa is the place for you. They aim to connect you to their members who need companionship. The members of Papa are mostly the elderly and the debilitated. 

Sign up with them to become a Papa pal and enjoy full control of your work schedule. They allow you to plan 30 days, making it quite flexible.

Risks: you may not have control over the temperaments of the client you meet. Some may be grumpy and may take time to warm up to you. However, so far, Papa has proved that they know how to connect you with the clientele that needs your service.

Pay: Working for Papa can earn you an hourly rate of $13 to $17. They also give you bonuses based on your visits, increasing your pay to $20 per hour

You need not worry about mileage, as Papa will reimburse you. In addition, since your visits are not limited, you can make good cash as a side gig.

Reviews and Ratings: Indeed has scored Papa 3 ratings out of 5 stars, while Trustpilot has given Papa 3.7 out of 5 stars. On average, Papa has higher ratings, with most people recommending it for the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

Tips to keep safe as an online friend

According to Getsafeonline, the following are 5 important tips to ensure your safety. 

1. Select the reputable apps

We have mentioned several apps you can get paid for to talk to lonely people. But how do you know which works and which is wack? 

One way is to check whether these apps have made steps to get verification. A good example is Fiverr, which is verified by TrustPilot. Verification means these apps have tried to ensure they only admit legitimate members.

2. Minimize personal information

Signing in to these gig apps will require you to post a short bio. Do not start to divulge all the juicy details about yourself. For you not to go overboard, do not post anything you don’t want people to see.

According to Online Privacy, “be aware and concerned about (beware of surrounding). They say security starts with you. That also applies to online safety.

3. Do the appropriate research

I know you are wondering how you can do a background check on your client. For example, if your client needs you to accompany him to an event, he may decide to tell you his real name so that when you meet his friends, they won’t know that you are a pseudo-girlfriend.

You now have the opportunity to do a free online search on Check people to know who he is. 

You could all dig through the internet by checking his social media profiles, pictures, and posts to see if he is legit.

4. Embrace your intuition

Intuition is probably the most old-fashioned way of ensuring safety, but it has never gone wrong. If at any point, as you chat with your client, you get the sick feeling in your gut that something is off, that is your cue to call it quits.

Trust your gut, they say. But, I add, trust your instincts; it’s hardly wrong.

5. Choose a public spot for your meet-up 

Select a busy restaurant or café when meeting your virtual friend physically. Then, if your online buddy has no ill motives, he will not object to it.

Choose restaurants you are familiar with and do not get into a vehicle, just the two of you.

If you wish to take extra precautions, go to your meet-up with a friend or two and even ask our online friend to come with a friend too. Remember, the more, the merrier, and there is safety in numbers. 

Final thoughts 

There are many gigs out here to earn an extra dime, but earning from talking to lonely people can be pretty satisfying. Remember to always be safe as you get paid to talk to lonely folks.

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