7 Best Philosophy Podcasts (Love Of Wisdom) 

One of the major arguments against studying philosophy is that it simply isn’t practical. Many believe that tenured elite professors who work in ivory towers with a natural urge to be arcane for its own sake carry it out. 

But once you start reading the writers and practitioners of a particular philosophical school, you realize that philosophy, in general, isn’t designed to be studied and read in isolation. No, it’s meant to be actively applied to daily life.

The best philosophy podcasts are a priceless tool for bringing pragmatic philosophy into everyone’s daily lives. So, as you learn through this post that philosophy may be helpful, applicable, and enjoyable all at once, keep an open mind.

What Are the Best Philosophy Podcasts?

The availability of so many exceptional podcasts in the field of philosophy is a blessing. Some philosophy podcasts are brief, bite-sized morsels, while others cover philosophical subjects in a fair amount of depth.

For serious users, iTunes University even offers a few top-notch full-course podcasts; listening to such a series requires many hours, but it can be well worth the time commitment if you’re sincerely interested in the subject.

The best philosophy podcasts are available in three different forms:

  • Short-form philosophy podcasts;
  • Medium-length philosophy podcasts;
  • Long-form philosophy podcasts. 

Here are the seven best philosophy podcasts you can choose from: 

1. The Daily Stoic

Best Practical Philosophy Living Podcast

Generals, politicians, coaches, athletes, writers, and leaders have all turned to the Stoic philosophy for life’s advice for millennia. The Daily Stoic philosophy podcast is an excellent source of Stoic philosophical ideas. 

The host uses the works and ideas of famous Stoic thinkers like Marcus Aurelius and Seneca the Younger as his inspiration. It is an excellent tool to help you improve your everyday life.  

Key Features

  • Ryan Holiday offers you a new lesson about life every day.
  • The episodes are short and straight to the point. 
  • The podcast also includes Q and A sessions with listeners. 
  • It features interviews with notable figures from academia, sports, and politics. 


  • It can only serve a specific group of people. 


7 Best Philosophy Podcasts of 2022

Bottom Line

Do you aspire to become the best version of yourself? The philosophy bites you’ll get from listening to this podcast will help you build a Stoic practice and a better life for yourself. Once you Sign Up, you’ll get access to previous Q and A sessions, daily Stoic challenges, and courses for free. You can also Gift A Friend this great podcast!  

2. The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Best Philosophy History Podcast

Peter Adamson, a philosophy professor at King’s College London and the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, walks listeners through the history of philosophy “without any gaps.”

Key Features

  • The podcast releases two episodes per month, each lasting about 27 minutes. 
  • Adamson usually brings experts to different philosophical discussions. 
  • The podcast covers various topics on the history of philosophy comprehensively. 
  • It groups a series of podcast episodes together (in MP3 form) as RSS feeds. 


  • The episodes are relatively long.


Fortunately, you can enjoy this educational podcast for free. You can also download the different episodes and enjoy them offline. 

Bottom Line

If you want to learn history of philosophy without any gaps, this podcast will sort you out. You don’t have to sign up or pay anything to start enjoying the podcasts. All you have to do is visit the Website and pick your favorite topic!

3. The Partially Examined Life

Best All-In-One Philosophy Podcast

Four former philosophy students (Mark Linsenmayer, Seth Paskin, Wes Alwan, and Dylan Casey) who chose not to pursue a career in academia host this podcast. The hosts are different enough to make the discussions feel vibrant. At the same time, they have enough in common academically to give the Partially Examined Life podcast shows a unifying tone.

Key Features

  • It has four podcasters giving it different perspectives on philosophical issues being discussed.  
  • You don’t have to know any philosophy to enjoy this podcast. 
  • Subscribers called “Citizens” get access to one new episode weekly.  


  • Partially Examined Life might not be the ideal philosophy podcast for people who want deep conversations on topics.


You become a member of this podcast by subscribing to be a Partially Examined Life citizen. Here are the pricing options: 

7 Best Philosophy Podcasts of 2022

 Benefits of becoming a citizen include: 

  • Citizens get access to Paywalled episodes early
  • They enjoy the podcasts ad-free
  • They also have access to the podcasters’ after-show, Nightcap
  • You’ll join a community of learners and get to interact with the hosts
  • Citizens also access bonus content like episode guides and guided readings. 

Note that you can also access more benefits when you enroll using a higher-tier subscription called Patreon. 

7 Best Philosophy Podcasts of 2022

Bottom Line

This podcast is about philosophy, philosophers, and philosophical discussions. It takes the format of an informal roundtable discussion. Each episode focuses on a brief reading which introduces and discusses one philosophical idea. So, Become a Citizen today to join the platform where these conversations happen.  

4. Moral Maze

The Best Podcast For Current Events

Do you like following current events? This podcast examines the moral issues behind one of the week’s top stories in a combative, provocative, and engaging discussion. Two presenters, Michael Buerk and David Aaronovitch, host the shows. 

BBC Radio 4 runs the podcast, which discusses various topics. Here, discussions are based on moral philosophy, political philosophy, and any other philosophy topic of interest to the philosophy community.   

Key Features

  • The topics of discussion are based on current events
  • It offers accounts for under 16s and over 16s
  • They arrange the episodes in categories and are downloadable
  • You can use the “My Sounds” feature to put your favorite episodes in one place  
  • It offers members personalized recommendations on episodes that might interest them. 


  • The podcast might not offer complex answers to complex philosophical questions.


You only need a BBC Account to access this podcast. 

Bottom Line

Are you interested in discussing the current news in a good philosophy podcast? This is an excellent podcast for you. It is available for free and covers a wide range of philosophical topics. 

5. Philosophy 24/7 Podcast

Best for Seasoned Philosophers

This podcast interviews philosophy professors and other leading philosophers about pressing moral and political topics. David Edmonds, an award-winning BBC journalist, hosts the podcast. It is a place where the world’s brightest minds share their thoughts on various issues. 

Key Features

  • It is a great podcast for people looking for complex answers to moral and political issues 
  • You can access the podcast in the form of RSS feeds and iTunes 
  • The audio files are downloadable


  • It might only benefit a graduate-level philosopher because of the nature of the discussions.


7 Best Philosophy Podcasts of 2022

The podcast is available to the general public with a One Time, Annual, or Monthly donation. Your support will unlock access to privileges. You can also register on Patreon for more perks.

Bottom Line

If you are interested in listening to the views of top-rated philosophers on various topics, this will be one of your favorite philosophy podcasts. In addition, it is best suited for people interested in political and moral philosophy.  

6. Philosophy Bites Podcast

Best Short-Form Philosophy Podcast

 This is another philosophy podcast hosted by David Edmonds of Uehiro Center, Oxford University. He is joined by Nigel Warburton, a freelance philosopher/writer and a fabulous co-host.  

In the podcast, the two interview philosophers of repute on different topics of philosophical interest. It is one of the most recommended short-form philosophy podcasts. 

Key Features

  • The podcast releases one episode per month, which lasts about 22 minutes
  • The Oxford University Press has published two books based on the series
  • You don’t have to be a subscriber to access the episodes
  • The episodes are downloadable
  • The audience can support the podcast by making donations


  • It might not work well in a Christian nation that might disagree with some of the big ideas being discussed.


If you want to access more from the podcast, it would be best to become a subscriber. The podcast offers four different subscription offers as outlined below: 

110 GBPAnnual
225 GBPAnnual
350 GBPAnnual
4100 GBPAnnual

Bottom Line

This is an excellent podcast for a philosophy guy interested in deep philosophy talk on different topics. They range from moral psychology to ICT or any other issue affecting our everyday life. 

7. Making Sense with Sam Harris

Best Philosophy Podcast for Critical Thinking

Sam has a degree in Philosophy and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. In the podcast, he takes a Socratic approach to issues which attracts a lot of ire from different directions. 

This podcast aims to provoke critical thinking and deep thoughts on assumptions made by the human mind. As a result, the podcast was branded “Making Sense.” 

Key Features

  • The podcast discusses various issues with other philosophers
  • Only subscribers can access full episodes from different platforms, including iTunes, YouTube, and Deezer
  • There is a newsletter that you can receive directly to your email.
  • You can access the services on the go from the Waking Up mobile app downloadable on Google Play Store and App Store. 


  • Non-paying users cannot access full episodes.


7 Best Philosophy Podcasts of 2022

Subscribers will unlock access to full episodes, including The Best of Making Sense episodes, to help you get the most complex answers. They also access exclusive content such as Zoom Q & A and bonus questions. 

Bottom Line

Do you want to make sense of different philosophical topics? If yes, Making Sense with Sam is the philosopher’s zone you should visit. 

Best Philosophy Podcasts FAQ

Is philosophize this podcast good?

This is an excellent philosophy podcast for beginners as it offers a fantastic introduction to philosophy. In addition, it is easy to follow the discussions. If it is your first time diving into the topic of philosophy, this podcast will give you a beginner-friendly introduction.  

What is the best philosophy book for beginners? 

If you are a beginner in matters of philosophy, you don’t know nearly enough. The subject’s broadness and occasional intangibility make it feel mysterious for beginners. In such a situation, you need an excellent philosophical book authored by experts. 

Here are five of the best philosophy books for beginners:

How do you practice philosophy?

The most common ways to practice philosophy are through philosophical counseling, philosophical companionship, and Socratic dialogue. For instance, as a philosophical counselor, you organize a series of a group or individual meetings directed by a philosophical counselor. 

There are many schools of thought out there. Unfortunately, you can misunderstand or misrepresent them if you are not a philosophy guy. The philosophies cover different topics such as humanist values, a secular society based, religious freedom, and contemporary parenting, among others. 

Here are the most popular philosophies: 

  • Nihilism 
  • Existentialism
  • Stoicism
  • Hedonism 
  • Marxism
  • Logical Positivism 
  • Taoism
  • Rationalism
  • Relativism 
  • Buddhism 

Who is Stephen West philosophize this? 

Stephen West is the host of philosophizing this. He guides his listeners through the works of prominent philosophers, making their big ideas effortless to understand, including people without prior knowledge of the subject. 


We are in a tumultuous, unpredictable period. Of course, you could say that about any period in history, but the past is the domain of historians. On the other hand, the present moment, where we currently live, is the domain of philosophers.

There are many subjects in the contemporary world, such as how pop culture impacts people, issues of moral judgment, free speech, and many other controversial questions. We can explore all these topics through philosophical thinking. 

 Fortunately, you don’t have to be an associate professor to join the discussions. The podcasts this post share can help you join and contribute to these critical topics. Are you ready to philosophize?  

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