23+ Great Dr. Who License Plate Ideas

Personalized license plates have been trendy for a while now. However, coming up with a catchy name that reflects your personality is not a walk in the park!

If you are a Dr. Who fan, there are plenty of license plate ideas you can use to stand out from the rest.

Key points

  • Dr. Who personalized license plates are very popular globally.
  • The personalized license plate you use must be easily recognizable by other Whovians.
  • It is best to choose your favorite character, event, phrase, or quote and customize it into a unique license plate.
  • Ensure you check with the state for the availability of your preferred name.
  • Join other Whovians on discussion forums to help refine your idea.

If you are a Whovian, you’ll enjoy this piece that explores various license plate names you can use. It is essential to check whether the name is available in your state before settling for it. Keep reading for more!

Dr. Who vanity plate ideas

3d Render “Invasion of the Dalek” (George)

Because of the popularity of Dr. Who and the number of Whovians out there, you must be very creative to come up with a unique name. Below are some examples you can draw inspiration from:

  • TMYWMY: Do you like to leave pondering about what your personalized plate is saying? TMTWMY is an excellent idea. Do you understand it? It stands for Timey-wimey, which refers to anything that has to do with the TARDIS

Furthermore, it references the Doctor attempting to explain time to a character in Sally Sparrow. The Doctor describes time as a big ball of “wibbly wobbly timey wimey” stuff.

  • G4LFR3Y: This is an innovative way of saying Gallifrey. It is believed that the Time Lords originated from a planet called Gallifrey, from which the doctor was a defector. You can also consider GAL1F4Y or get inspiration from GLFREY.
  • WHO1: This license plate was used in the show. Remember Bessie’s license plate? WHO1 was the third doctor’s car license plate. You can take inspiration from Bessie’s plate to get one of your own based on your favorite doctor.
  • A10NC: Allonsy was one of the favorite sayings used by the Tenth Doctor. He used that term when he wanted to say, “Alonso.” If you find that pronunciation thrilling, you can go for this license plate idea.  
  • GR0NM0: Do you remember Geronimo? He was the Doctor’s Native American friend. He was also referred to as Goyaale, or the one who yawns. Moreover, he was the Apache tribe’s leader. The name was later used as a word someone exclaimed before attempting something daring.  
  • B4DW0L4: Bad wolf was an influential figure with omniscient and near-omnipotent capabilities. Its abilities were manipulative as it could warp reality and manipulate fate. Moreover, it was immortal and had immunity over everything that could negate it. Does that describe your car or your friend’s character? If yes, there is no better Dr. Who licensed plate.
  • 2H34RTS: You can pronounce this as “Two Hearts,” which refers to a binary vascular system. In this system, blood vessels lead to two hearts. It was characteristic of the Time Lords. Does your car boast “two hearts?” Communicate this to fellow Whovians with this unique license plate.
  • S0N1C: The Sonic Screwdriver is an unreal multipurpose tool used by the Doctor. It has emerged as one of the show’s icons, and each doctor has had a different version. If your car is a multifunctional tool, you can name it S0N1C or SC4WDR1VA to let others know it is your version of the Sonic Screwdriver.   
  • B0WT135: Bowties are popular in Dr. Who. The doctors wore the ties during their reincarnation. It was also called the dickie bow. Do you love the doctor’s bowties? You can also use other variations like DK13BW.
  • TYML0D5: This is a creative depiction of Time Lords. Dr. Who is also a member of this ancient extraterrestrial people. This personalized license plate would help identify you as a member of this ancient race. 
  • VORT3X: The Vortex refers to the dimensional plane where time and space converge. It was the medium that the doctor’s TARDIS used to travel. If you consider your car a dimensional plane that crisscrosses all space-time, it is a Vortex! 
  • MM1AB0X: Mad Man in a Box is a famous quote by the Eleventh Doctor. If you love his craziness and bow ties, you can celebrate him with this personalized license plate.
  • DWT0G0: Don’t Want To Go is a popular quote by the Tenth Doctor.

Other Dr. Who personalized license plates that can inspire you include:

  • RA55IL0N

Dr. Who Tardis license plate ideas

dr who tardis

If you believe your car has the speed of a time travel machine, PLC3B0X would be an excellent way to communicate it to other Whovians. It is an innovative way of saying Police Box.

You can also use T4RD15 (TARDIS), the other name for the time travel machines. Alternatively, you can use CA4D15 to show that this police box is, in fact, a car!

Dr. Who DALEKS license plate ideas

If you love Daleks, DAL3K5 would be an excellent idea. The Daleks are portrayed as violent and merciless creatures in the series. Nonetheless, these plate ideas would be a wonderful gift if you have a loved one that loves the Daleks. Also, Daleks have become very popular, and the name is in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Other license plate ideas associated with the Daleks include X2RMN8, a creative way of saying EXTERMINATE, a normal phrase for the Daleks.

Also, EL3V8 signifying ELEVATE is another creative idea. Dalek uttered these words as it began hovering up the stairs despite popular belief that it couldn’t climb them.

Sontaran license plate ideas

If you believe you are a ruthless warrior that does not fear death and is raring to go at all times, you are a Sontaran! There is no better way to communicate this than with a Sontaran personalized license plate.

 It would also be the ideal present for that fearless friend. Examples of Sontaran license plate ideas include S0NT4N and S0NTRN. 

Dr. Who license plate frame ideas

It is advisable to use the appropriate license plate frame to make your personalized license plate complete. The frames allow you to customize your car’s back and front.

However, you need to consider some factors when selecting a license plate frame, including:

  • Go for a frame that uses the right technology to inject the ink into the frame. For example, the technology should not fade or smudge after some time.
  • It would help to use a frame that has a universal size as it allows you to mount it effortlessly to the back and front of your car.
  • The frame should be made of top-quality material and have an excellent gloss finish.
  • Also, consider a frame that you can easily install.
  • A reasonable license plate frame is 100% waterproof and can endure different weather conditions.

Luckily, license plate frames are readily available on top e-commerce platforms like Walmart and Amazon. Note that the frame should have a message that is in line with your personalized license plate.

Here are some amazing combinations:

Police Public Call Box……….My Other Car is a TARDISPLC3B0X or CA4D15
Keep Calm………………Am the DoctorWHO1
Public Call…….Police BoxT4RD15

Final Thoughts

Dr. Who is a massively followed fandom globally. As a result, it is the ideal source of iconic personalized plates. The creative ideas shared in this piece are to inspire to think out of the box. You are lucky if you get a name you like and it is not yet booked! Otherwise, you can use them to come up with your own! Please ensure your Dr. Who license plate idea is easily recognizable by other Whovians!

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