150+ Fantastic Catchy Short Nature Captions for Instagram

Nature is the perfect way to revitalize the soul, as it contains the best and most beautiful scenery you can imagine. 

It is a perfect way to forget your worries; peace will help you feel wild and free.

All these can help create the best short captions for Instagram, from mountains and waterfalls to lakes.

Key points

  • Nature captions are a great way to showcase your photos.
  • The best captions for Instagram should be short and straightforward.
  • To create the best Instagram nature captions, you need to understand nature.

While many people love to appreciate mother nature, they find it hard to create exciting nature captions for Instagram.

So if you love outdoor adventure surrounded by beautiful scenery but can’t create a good Instagram caption, don’t worry! 

Here are 150 fantastic short nature captions for Instagram. The list comprises funny, inspiring, one-word, and beautiful nature captions.

Let’s get started!

What are cool short nature captions for Instagram?


Short Instagram captions are the best option, especially if you want your caption to be visible without followers having to tap more. So if you are wondering what to caption your post, check out the following excellent short nature caption for Instagram.

The best moments are wild and free

Connect and inspire your heart with nature

Keep it natural

Good day sunshine

Vacation mode

Nature is incredible

Good morning world

More adventure, less worry.

Nature never ceases to amaze

Nature is the best epitome of the meaning of life

You can’t find nature on the internet

Nature is the best designer

See the wonder of nature around you

Powered by nature

Nature is every day’s beauty

I belong in the forest

Into the wild

Life hurts, but nature heals

I feel lively in the woods

Where the wild things are

Time spent in the forest is not wasted

Be a force of nature

Go where you feel alive

More adventure, less worry

Don’t stop exploring

It’s a big world. Explore!

Adopt the pace of nature

Always say yes to adventure

Bloom where you are planted

Green vibes only

Roam far and wide

Don’t lose your sense of wonder

 The call of the wild is loud

Allow nature to calm you down

If you need me, I’ll be outside

Another day another great adventure

What are some cool IG captions?


If you are that reserved and calm person who loves nature, you wouldn’t want to caption your photos with too many hilarious captions. So, why not accompany it with some cool IG captions? This will fit the moments where less is more!

Beast mode

Just me

Confidence level; no filter

Days like this

I’m kind of a big deal

But first, selfie

Times like this

Limited edition

Go out and live a little

Go green or go home

All the beautiful things

What are some funny nature captions for Instagram?

Apart from the best short nature captions, you can also accompany your photo with funny nature captions for Instagram. 

These captions are humorous and will make your followers laugh. Here are the best ones.

Nature is cheaper than therapy.

Getting back to my roots

Dew, do you love evening walks in the woods?

You leaf me breathless

Go wild for a while

Lost in nature

Trees Company

Life hurts; nature heals

I pine for you

Nature comforts

I need vitamin SEA

Take it or leaf it

Hiking is my cardio

Nature is my medicine

Nature is my medicine

Think outside. No box is needed!

There’s nothing like bad weather, only inappropriate clothing

Go the extra mile; it’s never crowded

Every forest has a different vibe

Camping is a way to feed hungry mosquitoes

Nature is my favorite color

Nature will never go out of fashion

If the sky’s the limit, then go there

The forest has poor WIFI but the best connection

Nature is my therapist

Nature is cheaper than therapy

Nature is the best antidepressant

Feel the magic of the forest

Nature will never abandon you

Let’s wander where there’s no WI-FI

4. What are one-word nature captions for Instagram?


As mentioned earlier, nature contains a lot of beautiful things. But sometimes, more means less. And behind every Instagram content, there’s a story to be shared. 

But you don’t need fluff as you can express everything in a word. So, check out these one-word Instagram nature captions.































What are Instagram captions for the beauty of nature?

Isn’t it wise to appreciate mother nature? Indeed mother nature is beautiful-thanks to the breathtaking scenery. So, in honor of the wonderful outdoors, here are some captions to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Another day in paradise

A beautiful world to see

Take the scenic route

A change in scenery can change everything

Great views are meant to be experienced

An easy path won’t lead you to the best view

The poetry of Earth will never die

Another day in paradise

In all things nature, there’s something beautiful

Take the scenic route; it’s worth it!

Great views are meant to be experienced

Find comfort in the chaos

Nothing to lose in a beautiful world like this

Slow the pace and enjoy every moment

Heaven on Earth

Nature is always beautiful

The world is ours. Let’s explore

Nothing to lose but a beautiful world to see

Peace is beautiful

Nature will take your breath away

What are Instagram captions for girls?

Nature is a wide aspect. It revolves around almost everything. Here are some of the best short nature Instagram captions for girls.

Mother nature is my kind of girl

Mother nature never lies

There’s beauty in simplicity

Girls just want to enjoy nature

What are some Instagram nature captions for puns?

Puns are all about playing with words. These nature puns for Instagram will not only bring a smile to your face but also help illustrate your photo effectively.

All you seed is love

There’s snow place like this

For fox sake

You are fantastic

The view is blossoming

Try branching out

I’m at a loss for words

Go against the green

Take a peak around

Plants are my soul mate

May the forest be with you

Knot on my watch

Rock on

Plants are my buddies

There’s snow place like this

This river is too mainstream

How do trees get online? They log in

These waterfalls have me roaring with excitement

Plants are my soul mates

Take it or leaf it

You grow girl

Shrub it off

The view is tree-mendous

Best ferns forever

Its party thyme

I have plenty of time

Slow down. Don’t you, Everest! 

I’ll do it all clover again

Lets rock and roll

What is a nice view caption?


There are different ways to caption photos about nature on IG. But, of course, you would want something that matches that view. So check out the following nice view caption to add the right words to your photos.

Nature is my teacher.

Get lost in nature

The Earth laughs in flowers

Call of the wild!

Follow the Sun

In nature, I trust

Exploring my limits

Not every paradise is tropical

Another day, another sunrise

Breath in the wild air

You had to be there

Heading for the hills

Nature is the best medicine

Watch more sunsets than Netflix

Nature is the greatest place to relax and unwind

Happiness comes in waves

Pure of a Lifetime

Smell the sea, and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly

Green vibes only

Lovely sounds of nature

Currently hugging trees

Nature has music you have never heard

Hike more, worry less

Powered by nature

What do you caption a scenery picture?


Beautiful nature photos allow us to see the beautiful scenery of the world. 

But, for completeness, accompanying them with the perfect words will help captivate the audience and bring out the exact message. So, here’s how to caption a scenery picture.

Heaven on Earth

Cleansing your feed with nature

Slow down and enjoy the view

The world is my playground

Feeling connected to mother Earth.

Feel the magic of nature

Blessed with this view

Never stop appreciating nature

Nurtured by nature

adventure awaits

All good things are wild and free

In love with this scenery

The mountains are calling, and I must go

Perfect view

The Earth laughs at flowers

You can’t see too many nature pics

Nature is endlessly beautiful

A beautiful distraction

Always admiring the beauty of nature

What happiness means

Nature never goes out of style

Captured with magical scenery

I seek to see the sea more

Wander often, wonder always

Explore new places

What are the tips for creating your own IG captions?

Sometimes, you may want to sound a little creative and come up with your own IG captions. 

However, it can be tricky, but with a bit of work, you’ll achieve that breezy caption. To create something that works, follow these steps: 

Know your audience

Identify your brand voice

Put important words at the beginning

Use hashtags wisely

Ask a question

Use emojis

Consider the caption length

Use a call to action

The final word

Many people love being out in nature. There’s something unique about nature. Being on an outdoor adventure, surrounded by beautiful, relaxing scenery, brings peace.

As many people take endless photos, they lack the right words to accompany them. The better part is that there are many short nature captions on Instagram. 

They range from beautiful puns to cool nature captions. If you have a full gallery ready to post, find the best caption from the list outlined above to complete that perfect Instagram post.

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